66 Harriet and Gloria go to the pictures to see Shirley Temple; Ruth goes ice skating

December 30, 1934

Dear Corinna,

Sunday P.M. I am listening to the Mpls. Symphony Orchestra. The three children have gone skating. The Passoneaus had some ice shoe skates bequeathed to them by Mpls. cousins and Amy let me have an extra pair. Gloria goes down and staggers around on them and I am going down to try them pretty soon. I don’t go outdoors enuff since it got so cold—I haven’t been down town for a week. I will ask Myrtle A. to go with me.

There were 33 at S.S. this morning. I wore my new scarf and mittens. I am soon going to send you , your new quarterly. Your “green” letter arrived this morning. You can use it to write to me on—I know you enjoyed having her over that night and giving her a treat. Winnie gave me a box of writing paper and goodness knows I need such since I have a daughter in New York.

I finally cut out the seersucker—it came out easily too by a little piecing. Yesterday I went in and Myrtle evened it for me—she was surprised to see I had started it already. It’s such an attractive pattern that I just had to get right at it. I’ll enclose a sample.

Friday eve H and G went to see Shirley Temple in Stand up and Cheer. I was too tired to go. They were so enthusiastic about it when they came home.

Later—Well now I have been skating. I went alone as Myrtle went somewhere. It was fun—I fell twice on my back but my fur lined coat was a good pad. Una came down there and when I went I let her use my skates. She is always so sweet to me. Then when I came home I hated to go in so I went over to see Betty Lundgren. I didn’t get your letter written but I enjoyed being out. There were a lot of skaters—the ice is good. They flooded it again yesterday. I ought to go down every day for half an hour.

There was a Fireman’s Dance here Friday night at Strong’s garage. Myron and Darrel Dowdell were down there and they saw a drunk man come staggering past the largest plate glass window in front—fall against it and his head went thru. He was cut some but he pulled his head out and started to run. Myron and Darrel told some of the men and they ran and caught him—he was put in jail. After Daddy and Myron got to bed the same night the phone rang and Reuben Hovey phoned that his car was in the ditch—he too was drunk and ran off the road. Daddy was so tired, so Myron and Evenson went and pulled Hovey out. Myron slept till noon that day.

Milo Hallberg came in yesterday and thanked for his S.S. candy bag and your card. He said to tell you he’d send you a card soon. He has to be back to his job tomorrow.

Winifred has already made lots of friends where she works. The other day she even introduced a boy to Byron who had been there as long as Byron has. Aunt Frances says Winnie will make her way anywhere with her pleasant sociable disposition. Aunt Frances thinks it fine you are doing well in Typing. She says you can get your assignments ahead in Shorthand and when you stay home in March and keep right up with your class—you see she is teaching the same that you are taking. Well I must get ready for church. Love to all, From your Mother.





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