134 Byron comes to dinner and brings ice cream

May 27, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Today Phyllis is 3 years old and your letter just came telling about her “pawty”, so I suppose right now she is in the midst of it. It is 1 o’clock here and 3 there. The grade rooms are just walking off for their picnic at the Park. How happy they are!

Myron’s tie came on Sunday and of course he wore it to church that morning. I could see it hit the spot with him. We had church at 9:30 and S.S. at 10:30. Rev. McLeod preached—it was good—not quite as practical as Robertson’s talks. Rev. McLeod is gray—looks like he might be 55 or 60 years old.

Myron’s birthday card came Sunday too—also a letter from you. I’m glad you can send your winter things home clean. The cartoon you enclosed is the best ever.

H wrote for me, to you, Monday eve, but I don’t think she told you about Sunday. When we came home from S.S., Byron was here with a hungry look so I invited him and his Dad over for dinner. Byron had come up to see Lundquist who was sick when Winnie left. We had chicken for once—so it was a good dinner and Byron enjoyed it. Then we had birthday cake and Byron insisted on buying the ice cream—a quart for the rest of us and a whole pint for Myron. We all had plenty—Myron especially. In the afternoon Myron studied and oh yes Byron stayed and visited with me awhile and helped the girls wipe dishes. In the evening he came over and went for a walk with the girls and me. In the afternoon Amy Passoneau and I went bicycle riding. We had a real good time and encountered many smiling people. So Sunday was a real day.

Last night I was at Book Club at Dokken’s and didn’t get home till 11. Gloria was at Blue Bird meeting and Harriet went up there too.

That was nice of Olga to send you a card—I’ll tell her so. Letter from Paul yesterday said ROC was going to take time off when “we” are in N.Y. so they still must intend for us to go. I must write to them soon as I want to send $20. on the taxes. Marvin will pay the rest later—they are only 37.63 in all—used to be about $72, I shall be anxious to see what kind of a player Russy is–so practice up your prettiest piece, Russy. Love from Mother.


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