25 Relief workmen move Olga’s house

October 5, 1934

Dear Corinna,   — Thursday–

Today I’m leader at the W.C.T.U. meeting—my topic is Comradeship. I have several good Readings gathered together and one I have written about the Organization. We are to meet at Mrs. Estrem’s. Olga’s house is half way out in the street this morning—so don’t say nothing happens in Atwater.

Last night the Boy Scout Orchestra practiced here. Myron played the piano as Harry Peterson is in Chicago at the World’s Fair with Bards. Bards had to go on business so Leonard is home alone and Virginia at Danielson’s. Leonard was here to supper last night and I’ve invited him for dinner today. I’m going to have Baked white potatoes and sweet potatoes, meat loaf and lemon pie.

Well to go back to the Orchestra—they played over at the Lutheran Brotherhood Meeting after they practiced here. They played “Whispering Hope”. It sounded very nice here—but they used the piano in the basement over there so it wouldn’t sound as well as here. Myron had never seen the music before and he played it right off—it wasn’t just chords either.

Gloria is doing so well with her music. She is on the fourth piece in the 2nd grade and plays them absolutely correctly. Harriet does well too but I expect her to and Gloria is a surprise.

I am making fruit soup today like Grandma Hall used to make. Mrs. Nordlie was talking about it yesterday and so I decided I was going to have some too.

I’m glad that you feel you will conquer that Algebra. That’s the right spirit to have. Think about it a lot and I’m sure the light will break in on you and it will get easier. When I don’t know sometimes just how I want to sew or fix some garment I think about it over night and then the right idea comes out of a clear sky and I know just how to go at it.

The things came from Sears this morning. They all look so comfortable. How fortunate we are to be able to get warm things—a man asked me for a cast off sweater the other day. I just didn’t have any and I was so sorry for him.

I am home from W.C.T.U. meeting. There were only 10 there and 3 children. Myrtle Arneson was there serving in Olga’s place. Olga’s house is across the street now but not turned around. It’s the funniest thing—they are using Relief workmen to pull it instead of a horse or tractor. Lundquist is one of the men pulling. I don’t see how they are going to get it turned around. Olga is boarding the teachers thru it all. I guess they’re all getting a thrill out of it.

Tomorrow Myron and Gerry are going to hitch hike to the Foot Ball Game. Myron says he’s going to stay at Uncle Karl’s, because Aunt Esther told him to be sure to do that when he came down to the games. I don’t think she has a maid tho just now. You know she dismissed Hulda the next week after I was there. I told him he would have to wipe dishes and not expect to be waited on.

I am going to can some green tomato pickles tonight. It will be nice to have them for guests to eat even if we don’t eat much of them. I miss the apples this year.

I stopped in to Adam’s Barber shop today—Mrs. Adams was there with the baby.

He’s such a pretty boy and so bright looking. He’ll be a big boy when you see him next summer.

There’s been a big woodpile by the house for the last month. Myron has looked at it and looked at it. He has made a few feeble attempts at deciding to getting it into the Basement. Tonight he has Leonard and Donald Ramey here to bolster him up. I think it will all be in by dark. It will be a real achievement. He’s like Uncle ROC—he really can work when the bug once gets him.

Well here are the supper eaters so I must leave you. My love to you.

Your Mother.




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