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Gloria (Stafford) Hansen

February 26, 1935

Dear Corinna,

I am stretched out on the davenport as I write this. It is recess time and I hear the children out up at school. I have been sewing on my other apron since dinner.

I was up at Anna Christenson’s yesterday to a Ladies Aid Meeting. There were a lot of ladies there—even Ethel Dahl and Hilma Norman who is home for a week’s vacation. In the evening Ida Harris came over to borrow my apron pattern and she sat and visited quite awhile. She talked about Milo of course and I guess I talked about Corinna. Milo likes his school very much and gets good marks. He is working his way besides.

Elvira was telling the ladies yesterday how she and her mother saw Beatrice out in the yard one day walking on 2 pieces of iron, like they were crutches. Mrs. Boliou also was telling stories. She said Beaulieau Beryl had just gotten a tiny Bible from her Aunt in the mail and the first thing she said was “Now I can be as smart with my Bible as Harriet Stafford is with hers.” Everyone was very sociable and sweet up there yesterday which isn’t always the way, you know.

The B.B. boys were at Willmar last night practicing for the tournament. Myron practiced shooting baskets. He would so like to play in the tournament.

They are starting practice on the Junior class play tonight. Myron thinks it’s going to be a flop. It really isn’t as good as that other one—I have read it.

Myrtle and I are going up to music class tonight and I want Myron to mail this for me before I go. I’m so glad he can get around now and we don’t have to wait on him like we did. He’s sort of gotten the habit and is trying to hold out on us yet.

I suppose Aunt Ev won’t think this is very kind, but today, I thot to myself, it really must be funny to see her and Gladys around together. I wish I could take a peek at them both and all of you for that matter.

Phyllis surely got the best of her mother on the carrot deal. Love from Mother.


Dear Kinney,

I thought that you would feel bad if I didn’t. So I will see what I can say. Buddy is listening to Boake Carter so is Mother. Mother says that I should write to you right away because she was going to mail it tonight. I am writing to you and Harriet is doing dishes. Buddy can walk on his foot now. Mother is writing to you too. Mother always gos to church to. We have started France in our Geography. We have learned a new good morning song. Buddy orders us around. I am saving up Money and I lent Buddy a dollar a long time ago and hasn’t payed it back yet. I was playing on the ice one day and some one hit me on my nose and it scratched it. It sure was near my eye wasn’t it? Has Phyllis said any thing funny yet? I think I will get A in deportment. I have been having lots of fun. Mother told us that we should keep a little book and when ever we spend any money we should put it in that book.

Miss Stenberg is coming in and listen to my piece “By the Zuyder Zee”. Harriet is reading the letter I am writing to you. Love Gloria.

P.S. Harriet says my letter is so dumb because it says all kinds of different things in it. I think it is dumb too.



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