61 League of Women Voters meeting in Willmar, followed by shopping in a snowstorm

December 19, 1934

Dear Corinna,

I had quite a trip yesterday. Went to Willmar with the League of Women Voters. We heard Wahlstrand, Lawson and the State Employment Office Manager speak. Wahlstrand of course presented the County Unit for Education. His talk was the best and the one where my interest lay. Then we ladies all went shopping in a snow storm. We went from store to store—10 of us and everywhere I went there would be one or more of them. We all met at the Lakeland Hotel Lobby a little before 6 with lots of bundles. I had bought Harriet’s ice skates for her for $3.98 at Montgomery’s. I got Size 4 and they are not so much too large. She is so happy about them. Now she is going to save for a Bible and a fountain pen.

I felt rather lonesome for you walking around the stores. I haven’t been to Willmar since the time we went to look for Harriet’s bike and that time we only went to Hardware Stores.

Last night H and G went to the Grove City game. Atwater won of course. I couldn’t see the game as I felt it my duty to go up to the Chorus practice. Myron said he wanted me to come because he knew they would win this game. Daddy said he’d have gone but he’d rather go when there was a little competition. The score was 21-16.

A package came from Uncle Karl’s today so I suppose they won’t be up before Christmas.

The sun has come out today just now for the first time since last Thursday. I am glad the weather is better as tonight H and G go to sing carols. They are to be with the group North of the track.

You did have a Hoo-doo day didn’t you. I have them too every so often. Well you can look back at it now and laugh.

Elvira and some others are going to send you a card for Christmas but you don’t have to return them. They don’t expect it. I am not sending a single card.

To play those scales you start 3 octaves apart—first play eighths in right to quarters in left—and vice versa—that means you will play the 2 octaves twice in right to once in left—then you take triplets in right to quarters in left and vice versa and then you will go over the 2 octaves three times to once in left or right whichever it is. . Then play 16ths to quarters in either hand—thus going over the 16ths , four times to once with the quarters. You see you play the scales for only 2 octaves in either hand. I only do this with the major scales.

Today the Camp Fire Girls were collecting toys for the poor. They are not sending any baskets of food this year. I sent up that little sideboard that used to be yours—Grandma Covell gave it to you once—and also that little doll chair, the brown one. They were both good toys and H and G were so proud to give them. If they all give as good toys as that there’ll be some happy children.

I will write to you again on Friday and then you will have a letter on Monday.

Love from Mother.


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