144 Neighborhood children in their bathing suits out in the rain

[Editor’s note: the following are letters written to Corinna in July-August, 1935, after she returned to Minnesota from New York.]

July 10, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Your letter just came. Glad you don’t seem to be lonesome. We have had 3 hot days since you were here. Just now it got dark and cloudy and it is starting to rain. It is cool and nice now. Myrtle and I closed all our windows and got ready to go down cellar. But it’s all over. Beatrice Reamer is spending the day here and Virginia Bard is also here for the afternoon so I would have had quite a group to take down to the nether regions—had it been necessary.

Well—washing and ironing is over for this week. I am mending sox today.

Myron has just come home for lunch. I baked rolls and braided 2 tea rings today and baked them. Myron is sampling them.

The children put on their bathing suits and went out in the rain. It is just pouring now. Beatrice is in here riding the tricycle.

Daddy doesn’t seem to know if we can go down Sunday. There hasn’t been any business today—so Myron says. Don’t count on it at all.

Tomorrow is W.C.T.U. at Reamer’s. Beatrice just took a header off the tricycle. I repeated Humpty Dumpty for her so she decided to laugh instead of cry.

Forget to tell you Myrtle and Bobby got home Monday eve. Lillian and children are visiting her father in Mpls. for a couple of weeks—then they will come here next.

Harriet has on your bathing suit—she’s tickled it fits her. All the children in the neighborhood are out here in their bathing suits.

There is a nice white coat advertised in Sears for about $2.00 or less. Maybe you’d like to get that. Wish I could buy it for you. You could use a white one and a tan one (for later) both.

Harriet wrote to Russy yesterday. I will write to them soon. It seems funny not to address you letter to 71 Iris Avenue.

Harriet and Marjorie went to the show last night. We all slept downstairs as it was so hot.

I’ll write again Sunday if we don’t come. Myron was out with his girl again last night.

It’s nice to have you so close that you will get my letter the next day. Tell Pennie Hello. Love from Mother.

[Note from Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow, typed 2001: This letter was sent to 4513 Casco Ave. Mpls. Enclosed was an ad from Sears with the coat at $1.89, hats varying from 25 cents to 67 cents for the fanciest. Hat and gloves set at 95 cents. White purses at 23 cents to 93 cents each if you bought 4. All silk umbrellas at $1.89.]







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