128 Ruth watches a funeral procession from the front window

May 16, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Tillie is here—stopped in on her way to Mrs. Haber’s funeral. Mr. Haber died only about a month ago.

It is warm today and the dandelions are just beautiful everywhere. I set out all my purple petunias this morning. Things surely won’t freeze from now on.

Mrs. Jones and Bessie are just going by. They go everywhere together. Jessie has a new bright red hat so we all know her a long way off.

Our shrubbery in front is in bloom now. The flowering currants are yellow and very sweet smelling. You see Karl’s had cut them back last Spring so the new shoots all are in bloom this year.

Today I finished cleaning the pantry. Believe me, I got rid of a lot of stuff too. H and G helped wash some of the dishes.

Last Tuesday we had Book Club at Feigs. Miss Lund was hostess and also Book Reporter. I didn’t stay for lunch as usual. Last night I went to P.T.A. Rep. Wahlstrand spoke on Legislation for Education at the past session. Bessie was elected President of the P.T.A., Amy, Vice, Miss Stenson, Secretary, Mrs. Nordlie, Treasurer.

I am sitting by the front window in the sun—writing this and watching people go by. Tillie has gone now and many familiar faces are going by to attend the funeral. Now here comes the procession—Mrs. Bomsta was just over at Vic’s pumping a pail of water and she stands and waits till the cars go by. Can’t you just see it all?

It begins to look cloudy in the West. Just as soon as it gets warm this Spring, it

rains, and then gets cold again.

Winnie made you a lovely pocket book—didn’t she? I am starting to make over a coat of Bernice Eide’s for Harriet. Her blue one is pretty small and shabby. If we should go anywhere she needs a new one. I am going to get some cheap material to line it—it’s that green figured wool I had in the box of pieces in the store room. We are going to be very green this year I guess.

Harriet takes her lesson today—Miss Crosby isn’t so hot I don’t think. She seems to be absent minded the way H talks—is always telephoning or running to the bath room during H’s lesson and the others say so too. Anyhow H practices faithfully and is improving. Love from Mother.


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