40 Gloria and Harriet visit Bobby who is recovering from pneumonia

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen and Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow

November 2, 1934

Dear Kinney and Aunt Evelyn,

I received my sucker and books to-day. I like both of them very much. I have eaten the sucker and read the books. Bobby likes his things very much also. He opened the painting outfit first, but couldn’t use that in bed so he opened the clay modeling set. Then at 4 o’clock he opened the magnet set. He was having lots of fun when we went in to see him. He said he was going to look at your car, Kinney, when he fixed the others. He has been playing with that, too. He was running it along the bed clothes when we came in this afternoon. In the book “Child’s Garden of Verses” is the poem “The Land of Counterpane” and I think I shall read it to Bobby the next time I go over there.

Mother kind of wonders why Uncle Paul was in Corning, N.Y. She has “suspicions”.   Good-night, Harriet S.

P.S. I’m too interested in Jimmey Allen to write anymore. Harriet Stafford.


Dear Aunt Ev and Kinny,

Thank you for the little house of Bethlehem. I like it very much. To-day I have been fixing it and Harriet has been helping me with the house. I am glad Aunt Ev played she was a Doctor. I have all ready eaten my sucker and was it ever good. We took the presents over to Bobby at twelve o’clock. He opened one of them. We are going over at 4 o’clock to see what he opens next. The first one was the little cars and the paint. He is going to look at the green car Kinny sent to see how to make the others. We ran down to the garage to get the packages because daddy forgot them when he came for dinner. We just tore home with them. Lots of Love, Gloria.


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