76 Temp hits 35 below in Atwater

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen

January 24, 1935

Dear Corinna,

The Radio said the temperature was 31 below yesterday morning and Daddy said it was all of 35 below here in Atwater. I wore overshoes all day and 2 pair of wool stockings and still I wasn’t over heated. Today the thermometer is some higher but it’s not comfortable at all. Daddy says all the country roads are badly drifted and so few come to town. He said he didn’t sell a cent’s worth of anything this morning.

Gloria is back at school again and feeling fine. Her stomach was all upset and she couldn’t keep even water down. She said several of the children have been getting sick in school and losing their meals in her vicinity. Not very pleasant for anyone.

You ask who does the dishes at noon. I wash them and H and G wipe them. Myron usually goes down to the garage while Daddy hurries home to eat. Harriet and I make the beds too at noon.

I baked Harriet’s birthday cake this morning—she ordered a two layer chocolate cake with white frosting. I put 11 cherries on the top.

Last night Myron, Darrel and Donald went over to Kenneth Nordlie’s and played Ping Pong. The boys won the Spicer game, Tuesday eve. I hope they win the Eden Valley game, tomorrow eve.

I haven’t seen Myrtle Arneson or anyone for days. I feel the need of someone to talk to. Guess I’ll take my sewing and go over to Myrtle’s.

Harriet is going to start another Thrift and Health Chart. The Camp Fire isn’t doing as much this winter as usual. June and Lucile have undertaken the Bluebird Leadership.

Myrtle wasn’t home but Tillie came so now I can surely say I’ve had someone to talk to. Besides she has been serenading me on the piano at the same time as I was trying to listen to an International Broadcast on Peace. She has been telling me how good it is to have so much snow for the crops and she thinks the farmers ought to be “satisfied” now. I enclose a letter from Gloria. Harriet will soon write to you too. Love from Mother.


Dear Kinney,

I haven’t anything to do so I thought I’ll write to you. In school on the blackboard we have all our names on the board and she has all 100’s after them

And when we talk why she will put it 99 and that will be one point down. I asked Mother if Virginia could stay for supper and Mother said yes so she did. After supper Virginia and I went in the bedroom and played haircut and dentist. After wards Mother asked Virginia, Harriet and I if we would go up town and Virginia said she couldn’t so we called up and they said she had to go to bed. Then Mother said if you come right home why you can come up to school with me. She said we should run the whole way. And we came back right a way and Harriet is now studying her report on Austria and I am writing to you. Last night about 6 o’clock I started getting sick and then I stayed home from school. Just now Harriet brought home my Geography and History and Arithmetic and I had to have a test in arithmetic. I got 100 in the first one and 90 in the second test and in the third I got about 70 and in the last test I got 100. Mother is making supper and I am trying to write to you. I am listening to Skippy and it is good too. I had forgotten what time it was on so I just turned on the radio and just kept it on until it came on. Gloria.


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