8 Marvin trades a truck tire for four cords of wood

August 26, 1934 Atwater, Minnesota

Dear Corinna,

Just home from S.S.—32 present, $1.20 collection and a teacher for every class. Mrs. Stoffers took your class. Myron played all the songs—well—too. He has picked up wonderfully since he started his daily practice. And I’m so glad he has at least a passing interest in the Chorus. Friday nights. The instructor is good. I wish Myron could take private voice lessons from him. They are 40 cents. I think he could if he cared enough. How to make him care is my present problem.

It stays cold so we have started fire in the range morning and evenings. Daddy traded one of those big truck tires in the basement for 4 cords of wood so we ought to soon have something to burn. I expect Myron dreads to think of that wood coming—a lot of wood splitting ahead of him.

So glad you could see New York last Sunday. There is just one little question I’d like to ask—When do you stay home and do your work?

Yesterday I washed my head and June came over and set it. She surely does it well.

She is very gentle when she does it. ‘Nuff said. But I really would have liked to have her use more force—you know I have a tough head. I guess June’s mother worries a lot about what she is going to do this year. I wish she could go and take Beauty Culture.

Genevieve and Helen are going to Business College next week. They are both going to work for their Board and Room. I admire them for that.

You say you practice backing out the car every time you go somewhere—my comment was you ought to be good at it by this time if frequent practice makes perfect.

Harriet sold 10 extras today. She ought to make over $4.00 this month.

Mrs. Glader stayed with Nellie and Annie for about 3 weeks. She looked so nice today in S.S. with a new black felt hat and her gray bobbed hair curling so prettily under it. She feels and looks a lot better. Addie is going to Dassel today for a rest. I guess she is all worn out so Esther is going to try it alone with the boys to help her.

You haven’t answered me about making your blue jumper into a skirt. I have been trying to fill some of the empty cans this week and last, so I really don’t accomplish a bit of sewing. I need to be at H’s and G’s winter sewing soon.

Winnie has made herself a Copenhagen blue rayon taffeta blouse for the suit Aunt Ev gave her so now she has 2 blouses to change off with.

Last Monday eve your Aunt Elsie and Aunt Nellie Stafford-Olson came with 5 children and 2 husbands and slept here. Daddy said he had a good visit with them and then he just told them to roll into bed. In the morning he helped the girls get breakfast – they did up the dishes and away they went. They were on their way to Wisconsin. Elsie has a 3 month old baby.

Myron is tending garage this afternoon while Daddy went to the Ball Game. I am going to take a walk now and mail this. I think I will go and call on Myron.

It was perfectly all right that you missed church last Sunday. You know as well as I do that it’s your personal relationship to God that counts. You can always keep in touch by reading His Word and I hope you will do it every day. Many things are straightened out that way. We are reading every morning as usual. Well, I think I have covered the past 3 days since I wrote last. Time flies and you are on your fourth week in New York. Love from your Mother.


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