75 Gloria catches bobs with Virginia

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen and Myron "Buddy" Covell Stafford

January 20, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Sunday and a blizzard again. Lundquist was here to dinner and has already gone home to keep the fire burning. He had a letter from Winnie for us to read. Byron is improving every day. He has had many callers and a couple of bouquets—one from the Gas Plant association. Paul had been to see him for one.

We went to S.S. this morning but it wasn’t blowing so hard when we started. There were 19 present. Daddy took H and G around on the paper route of course. We rec’d your Friday letter today. I think a sweater for Daddy would be nice but I wonder if you can afford it now when you’ve just spent so much on us. Of course the sleeveless ones don’t cost so much. I think Size 40 will fit him allright. I know it will please him a lot tho to get it.

Well, the Atwater H.S. beat Grove City of course, 21-17—not such a hot score tho, was it? They were even behind at the end of the half 12-5.

Daddy has closed up the garage for the afternoon. He said they keep coming in to have their chains put on, and let in a lot of cold air and out they go, with a Thank you, and it doesn’t pay. So he’s putting one over on them by staying home.

There will be no church again tonight. We will soon have a bad habit I’m afraid. I even hate to go down town lately. Harriet does all the shopping. I did go down Friday and get some ticking to replace that on the old bachelor pillows of Daddy’s. I found one of them was filled with beautiful all white goose feathers. Now I’m going to cover an old quilt for my next big job.

We will think of you going to New York on Wednesday and will be waiting to hear all about it. We are listening to the N.Y.Symphony Orchestra this afternoon. Myron is trying to get ambition enough to study his oration. Yesterday he made some paths out here—one over to Arneson’s, one out to the street and one out to the wood pile. I thought maybe he was going to be rash enough to chop some wood but he didn’t get that far. I read this to him and he eked out a smile. Daddy is popping corn for H and G. He’s having a real vacation during the blizzard.

It’s certainly fine your toe continues to stay healed. I really believe it’s going to heal now that it hasn’t opened up for so long a time. You ought to try to get ahead in your short hand now this week when you have vacation—also in your Cicero.

Most of the farmers use sleighs now and Gloria and Virginia go catching bobs every chance they get. The most of them stop for the girls and then let them off wherever they want them to. Harriet doesn’t get much time for that as her music and papers take so much time. She and Marjie want to go to the show every Friday night lately. They are growing up so fast—those two.

Daddy has come to the snoring stage now. He’s occupying the davenport. I am going to write a note to Byron now. Love from your Mother.


Dear Kinney,

Harriet is reading and Daddy is snoring. Buddy is lying down on the couch, and I am playing with paper dolls. Daddy asked Harriet to make some coffee for him and Harriet said she wouldn’t and Daddy said that’s the last paper I’ll deliver, so then Harriet came running out there. She started the coffee pretty quick then. Harriet and I baked a layer cake yesterday and we are going to have it for lunch. Now we have been playing fox and geese outside, but we didn’t stay long. It is only six o’clock and mother has gone to bed. Harriet is wearing the apron you made in 7th grade, (the white one). The shirt that Harriet wears with Pearl Malmberg’s sweater is too tight for her to button the top one so she has to leave it open. Lots of love, Gloria.


Dear Corinna and Uncle Russell and Aunt Ev,

This is a fine time to be thanking for Christmas presents, but I have been so busy with school and basketball and girls that I haven’t had time.

Thanks a lot Corinna for my 4 presents. I use the necktie-clip all the time and my girl thought I had a beautiful scarf. (I think so too.)

Thanks very much, Uncle Russell and Aunt Ev for the fountain pen and pencil. I’ve been needing a fountain pen for a long time so it surely hit the spot.

Well, we beat Grove City again 21-17. We were behind at the half 12-5 but we came back and went by them. That makes our average for the year—500%. We have won four and lost four. We play Eden Valley here, Friday night.

Sydney Glader has a “steady” in Willmar now too so we go pretty often, even if it is cold. We saw Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in “Babes in Toyland” last night in Willmar and was it ever good!!

During third and fourth periods in school in the afternoon the kids completely rule the assembly as Amundson is in there. He can’t do a thing with the kids and we sure have fun. Well, I guess that’s all. Love, Bud S.



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