57 Myron “scared witless” by a pencil seller

December 11, 1934

Dear Corinna,

Tuesday—and I have accomplished much today—ironed, house-cleaned the alcove, mended several garments. Winnie called up this afternoon –said Byron called her up today and said she should come down tomorrow on the bus—she may get a job in the Cafeteria at the Wartburg. So she has been very busy today washing up what dirty clothes there were and getting herself ready. Lundquist will run the house alone till they see if she gets the job. He may go down too later. Well something good will come out of it I am sure. I’ve told her so all along.

When Myron was down at the garage this noon, he was scared witless. He said a huge tough looking fellow walked in. Myron said, “Hello”—he said, “Hello boy” and put his hand in his pocket—walked right up to Myron at the desk and said, “Would you be interested in—“ he paused with his hand still in his pocket—his cap pulled down to his eyes—“buying some lead pencils?” Myron had been through agony in those moments. I asked Myron if he bought any. He said, “I should say I did”—“I was too scared to say No.” Daddy got a laugh out of it when Myron told him.

Arnold Arneson brought me my check for $4.20 yesterday. I am going to use $2.00 of it for a year’s subscription to the Etude in your name at Floral Park. Then you can save all the copies and I can play out of them when you come home. The rest of it I am going to use for a waist sweater to go with that blue skirt I made over for myself last winter. Some time if I get a chance to go to Willmar I will look for one—I’d like one with several colors in it and I haven’t seen any down here that I like.

Yesterday I delivered papers for Harriet. She had to practice carol singing with the Camp Fire Girls. It was mighty cold—my feet and hands ached with the cold. I think she will well earn her paper profit during the winter. Gloria would have gone along but she was selling Red Cross Christmas Seals.

I sent 3 ½ yards of some pretty print cloth to Grandma Stafford and 2 pair of sox to Grandpa today for their Christmas gifts.

Winnie thinks she may be able to go to night school down there. H and G and I have just been over to say Goodbye. Myron has gone to Kerkhoven to a Basket Ball Game. Goodnight. Love from Mother.



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