80 Ruth sews a blue dress and covers two old quilts

February 1, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Friday eve. Myron still sits here waiting for Dr. Anderson to come and bandage his ankle. The swelling is down some. We have kept a wet hot Turkish towel on it. Dr. Anderson was pretty mad when he heard Myron had gone to the B.B. game Wednesday eve. There is a game between St. Cloud and Willmar at Willmar tonight. Myron would go, if Dr. A. would only come and bandage his ankle before it’s time to start.

Today I went down town and got some groceries mostly to get away from Myron and the Radio. He has it going continually and I’m going wild listening to it. I think I’ll go upstairs to sleep tonight to get away from it. I stopped in to call on Mrs. Adams—Dickie walks all over and “jabbers” a lot—he will be a year old Feb. 5th. Mrs. Adams told me to greet you.

Daddy’s card came and he likes it a lot—such a pretty one and pretty verse too. I baked a birthday cake for him and H and G bought him a pair of sox and a bag of peanuts. At supper time we sang the birthday song to him.

Miss Steen was in again tonight and helped Myron with his Latin. He is isn’t certain whether he will continue being in the Declamatory Contest or not. Steen is coaching him this year.

I baked graham bread today and tomorrow I think I will try butter-scotch rolls—I have been using Compressed yeast all the time lately. Mrs. Swenson just called up for the banana cream pie recipe.

Winifred is home. She says she couldn’t stand it any longer—the people she worked for, were so queer and she will stay home till she gets a better place.

Now Dr. Anderson has been here—he told Myron it can’t be bandaged yet—not till Sunday morning. He says he can’t go anywhere tonight nor any place else till after Sunday. He says he may be a cripple if he doesn’t do what he tells him.

Yes, I have finished my blue dress—pressed it today. Now I’m going to cover a couple of old quilts. I don’t get anything done but waiting on Myron these days. Anna Christenson just came and brought Myron some fruit. Mrs. Glader came yesterday and gave him some taffy.

Today Mrs. Dr. Anderson was 50 years old. She had a birthday party, he said. He is 54 years old—begins to look old I think but I like him a lot. He is good to have around—talked so nice to Myron to make him see his viewpoint and jollied Harriet and Gloria.

The school nurse is here examining school children. Both H and G are in good condition except a little underweight but she said it’s not serious at all. It is the same Miss Johnson that examined you and when Mrs. Passoneau told her about you she remembered and wondered how well you see now and where you are. Harriet was being examined and that is how Mrs. Passoneau happened to tell it. She (nurse) told G to give her mother a kiss for taking such good care of her and H to thank her mother for the same.

Now I don’t know how I’ll get this mailed. Our Bible Reading tonight was Heb. 12: 4-13. Mrs. Glader was talking about “Chastening” yesterday when she was here—of it being a sign of special favor instead of rebuke. Love from Mother.



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