148 Marvin wants Corinna to handle the books for the garage; Ruth wants to sell the Model T

July 28,1935

Dear Corinna,

Your Friday letter received yesterday. Harriet is all ready to go to the lake. We will take her out about 6 o’clock as it’s cooler then. Myron has gone to Raymond to play ball. It is terribly hot and was Friday and Saturday too. You must have found it uncomfortable the day you went with Byron and Winnie for a picnic.

Yes I would get my coat now this week if I were you. Look till you’re satisfied with a bargain price and also material and style you want—I mean don’t buy one if you don’t like it. You ought to get your bow on the glasses fixed too when you are down town.

Harriet, Marjorie and Eleanor Peterson serve together next Sunday, the last day. They are all three so young that I think we three mothers will have to cook a good deal of it at home and take it out there.

Have you had any more letters from Aunt Ev? I wrote to her again last Sunday.

Beaulieu Beryl has had pneumonia the last week but is better now. The S.S. sent her fruit this afternoon.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be coming down any Sunday. The car is a Model T Coupe as I told you. Myron surely hates to drive it to go and see his girl. Last night he and Darrel went to Willmar in it and on the way home after he had brought Darrel back to Jim Dowdell’s he had a flat tire. So he left it standing by the road and came into town with some tourists. They, Daddy and Myron, went and got it this morning. I hope Daddy sells it soon as we need the extra cash. What do you hear from New York? I mean from the girls and Tommy.

I suppose Gloria and I will be paper carriers this week. We will have to collect for July too.

I baked sweet rolls and cup cakes yesterday. When you come home I wish you’d help me have a few friends in several afternoons.

Elvira and I had some wonderful raspberry short cake Wed. eve. I made some the next day for ourselves—I sent a piece down with Myron’s dinner (as Daddy was shocking) and he had to call me up afterwards to tell me how “good it was and uncomfortable he was from such a big dinner”. Daddy is looking forward to the time when you’ll keep his books. He says the garage isn’t paying for itself and he wants you to keep track of everything as he does and then balance it for a month just to see how it all stands. Love from Mother.




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