90 Harriet and Gloria make divinity

February 24, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Sunday 4 P.M. Cold weather has come again but not as bad as it was that other time. Our whole lawn was a lake yesterday and today it’s a skating pond.. I just went for a brisk 4 block walk as I felt so stale and now I feel much “peppier”. H and G are going to try to make Divinity now. I made them drink some milk and eat bread and butter before they started the candy. Myron was going to try to get to Willmar to see his girl and “David Copperfield” this afternoon. I think he must have found a ride, because he hasn’t come back.

Aunt Ev’s letter came Friday and Uncle ROC’s note. Glad to get them both.

Friday eve, I called Karl up to see if they thot they could drive to Fergus the next day and take me along. But he said he couldn’t get away and so I asked him to send flowers for me too. He said he would, and I could send my share later. I wrote a note to the Fergus folks which they ought to have, by tomorrow. I suppose Charlotte would hurry back to her school today.

Edwin McHugh sang an extra stanza Saturday on the Radio. Do you have the words to it? It started like this—

If I have been perverse, or hard or cold

If………………………………………..sheltered in the fold

If……………………………………………………to hold

Dear Lord, Forgive.

Last night I went upstairs and slept with Gloria in your bed and we put up one of the camp cots for Harriet on the East side of your room. They thot it was quite a lark but I didn’t. My but you have a hard bed, Kinny. It’s the kind of bed, the nurse was telling the children they should always sleep on, to have Perfect Posture. It turned cold in the night and Harriet crept in with us toward morning.

H and G are now separating the yolks and whites for their Divinity. I’m keeping strictly out of it to see what they can do alone.

I made myself an every day dark apron yesterday out of a yard of cloth. Harriet’s aprons are all wearing out so she is using mine and that made me short. I have cloth to make another one.

The children are already playing marbles up at school. H and G are playing them at home too—which is a sure sign, March is soon here. They play till Gloria cheats a little and Harriet cries a little and then the game is over till the next time. My but the wind is cold and howly. I dread going to church tonight. I am using the stationary Oliver gave you. Do you care? I’ll buy you some more, some day.

I haven’t seen Winnie for several days. She was all out of sorts the last time she was over. I went over yesterday but she wasn’t home. Love from Mother.



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