123 Ruth digs in the garden

May 5, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Home from S.S.—dinner is cooking—it is warm out today—the snow is all gone. I wore my new green dress to S.S.

Yesterday afternoon I went over to see Ida Hallberg. It happened to be her birthday so I stayed and had lunch there. I sent her over a hanky after I came home—one I had crocheted an edge on. Jennie Flygare was there (a cousin of Fred’s) and I hadn’t seen her since we were girls. She knew me from Swede school days—but I thot she had changed and she said I hadn’t. She is a very good looking, plump person and I remember her as a tall, skinny girl. Mrs. Gus Kragenbring, Mrs. Westlund and Amy Kragenbring and baby were there too. Ida is very quiet, but seemed to be glad to just sit and listen to others talk.

I have been out digging these days some as of course Myron can’t dig and Daddy is too busy. It is time all the flower seeds were in and the ground ready for the seeds that seeded themselves last Fall. The calendula are already up and so those plants will have to be killed when I dig. But I think there are more of them in the ground that haven’t sprouted yet. It is so nice out with the green grass everywhere that I really want lots of flowers this year and it’s fun to be working in the open air.

Winnie just came in a minute. She stood and looked at the 4 pictures you sent us and said, “Kinny looks more and more like Uncle Burton and just look at that sweet little pill there”—meaning Phyllis of course. We do enjoy looking at those pictures so much.

There is a ball game today so of course Myron and Daddy have something to look forward to. I am glad just to be quiet and read and play the piano and write to you.

The school board has hired an architect for the new building and work will soon be started. It seems too good to be true. Myron hopes the gym will be ready by Basket Ball season but they are not sure as they have to hire Relief workers and they will be slower than skilled workers would.

Do you know yet just what time of the summer Paul’s will be going? I imagine it will be in June so that Frances will have ample time for her European trip. There are only 4 weeks of school left here. When is yours out?

There are still some undelivered May baskets around here. May 1st and 2nd it rained and now H and G have lost their enthusiasm for May basketting. Did Russy give any there? Love from Mother.


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