85 Myron attends Boy Scouts’ Court of Honor in Minneapolis

February 12, 1935

Dear Corinna,

I am listening to Mrs. A.C. Carlson of Willmar speaking from Abraham Lincoln’s tomb in Springfield. You know she is Nat’l. Auxiliary Commander now. She is giving a very good talk.

Yesterday the boy scouts and troop committee and wives all went to Mpls. to be present at the Court of Honor there. Atwater had to be there because our troop had made the most progress of any in the Mpls. Area during this past Boy Scout year. They gave Atwater the Birthday Cake. Myron went along of course on his crutches and enjoyed it as much as anyone. It was held in Westminster Church. He called up Uncle Karl and Uncle Paul. Pennie answered the phone (she has the measles). Myron heard her calling her Daddy and saying over and over—“It’s Buddy Stafford” in her high little voice. Paul came down and met Myron in the entrance to the Church and took him to the Cafeteria for a Hamburger where all the rest went too, before they started home. They got home a quarter to one—left here at 4:30 P.M.

Tonight the boys play B.B. in New London. Myron is going along. Dr. A. is going to tighten the bandage on his ankle tonight. There is such an odor from his foot now that we all run when he takes off his sox. I pity Dr. A.

Myron gave us each 2 pieces of candy today. It was good—I got the nutty ones—I think it was a real nice box of candy.

Winnie went back to Mpls. Sat. eve. She went partly to be on hand for jobs but mostly for an affair of the heart. I wish girls didn’t have to get so crazy about boys. She took the bus—they need the money for other things. Neither Byron nor Winifred know a thing about saving. I don’t see how they dare gamble on the future like that. But maybe it will all come out allright.

I know everything’s wrong here. The pipes in the furnace are full of lime and the tank leaks like everything—the washing machine drum won’t stay shut and the Hoover won’t work. It’s sort of a joke I think—all happening yesterday. I’m going down this afternoon to see about some of it.

Today there is a Norwegian shower for Dorothy Brown. Did you know she is going to marry Bernard Thorpe soon? Myrtle is invited of course.

I am anxious to hear about your Saturday trip in your letter tomorrow. Love from Mother.


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