113 Trip to Sears in Minneapolis to look for linoleum

April 14, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Sunday afternoon—it has been snowing and raining today. Yesterday was a fine day all day. We planned to start for Mpls. at 6 but Daddy delayed us, getting things attended to at the garage and then we had gotten nearly to Grove City when we had to go back for a grease gun and his driving license. So we didn’t start till 6:45. But we got to Sears before the store was open and waited about 10 minutes. Daddy and Winnie went on down to 10th St.—Winnie brought Byron a box of food as he gets his own breakfasts and lunches now and has an apartment.

I didn’t see any linoleum I liked—nor any curtains either—that is, for my price, I didn’t. All I bought was 3 pair of 15 cent sox for Myron. By that time I wasn’t feeling good. The exhaust pipe in that car was too short and I could smell that gas coming in (Daddy said that was the trouble), and my head had started to ache. So by the time we got to Karl’s—I was sick—took Bromo Seltzer but it all came up—after which I slept and felt better. Daddy took up 6 lovely bushes and they are already planted out in front of the house in real good fashion. Aunt Esther and the maid got lunch for the others and for Frederick (Erna’s 20 year old son) and Ted her brother. They are attending School of Forestry this year. Ted stays at Karl’s this winter. He and Frederick cleaned up the yard for Karl yesterday afternoon. And do you know we never got over to Paul’s at all! I meant to—so when I felt better about 3 o’clock, we started home and Daddy got started toward home before I remembered to tell him that he had forgotten to go to Paul’s. Then I couldn’t get Daddy to turn around as he wanted to get back to work. I wrote Frances a card today about it. I’m so sorry it happened that way.

But Esther is going to look for curtains and linoleum for me this week—she certainly is good to do it for me and it’s as I told her—she has never picked anything out for me but what I’ve liked it. I’ve had my little fling anyhow. I know I never would have gotten sick yesterday if it hadn’t have been for that gas coming in. Daddy and Myron have made me very happy anyhow by helping me to get that shrubbery and plant it so well.

Paul, Frances and Pennie are going to N.Y. in June. Frances is not coming home but is going to Europe for a month. She has asked Winnie to come and take charge of Pennie while she is in Europe. I think maybe you can come home with Paul. I mean just in case we couldn’t come that soon or something. They are going to offer me to go along but I’d never stand a trip unless I was the boss and could stop when I’d gone my limit. They haven’t talked to me about it but Karl told me. What do you think?

Love from Mother.


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