112 Boys orchestra practices new music; not much harmony

April 12, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Friday—a lovely day. I have baked white bread today and done some cleaning. I have been busy but I feel good and tomorrow we are really going to Mpls. I think Daddy will drive and Myron will stay home—work at the garage with Harvey Isenberg (who is Daddy’s handyman off and on) and also prepare the trench for the shrubbery. Daddy has promised Myron he can go to the baseball game next Wednesday and take some other boys along so he is satisfied.

Last night the boy’s orchestra practiced here. They had new music and there wasn’t much harmony. But it will get better. I served them a lunch as the rest of the mother’s do that. Daddy came home early and ate with them. They are such a nice group of boys—I think a lot of every one of them.

H and G received Russy’s letter today. He has made some good plans. I hope they can materialize.

Your report was good considering the time you have been out. Evidently Aunt Ev would give you an A on your two weeks at home if she was adding her mark to it. I suppose you’d call that Practical Home Economics.

Winnie is home again. She may ride with us to the city tomorrow if we think there is room.

I have been “taking in” some of Ona Larson’s summer dresses for Harriet. They will be real pretty now I think. I won’t have to sew much for either H or G because they will have plenty when I get the hems fixed on some of the dresses.

H is surely doing well with her music. It makes G practice better too because you know she is always afraid H is going to beat her at something. Well when I write next time I’ll tell you all about Mpls. I am going bicycle riding now. Love from Mother.


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