89 Ruth covers an old quilt with 10 cent material from the Big Store

February 22, 1935

Dear Corinna,

A card came from Charlotte yesterday saying Aunt Mira could live only a few hours and they thot the funeral would be Sat. I think they wanted me to come, seeing she wrote that way before she was gone. But I can’t go—money is not coming in fast and as long as we have no car. I will write them a letter tonight and also write to Karl to send flowers. It really isn’t fair, because they were so good to come here in 1922.

It was fine you could talk to Aunt Esther. That would be just like her to think of you and know you would like to talk to someone in Minn. Yes, you must write to Miss Steen. You’ll have lots of interesting things to tell her.

The children are having today off as well as you. I have washed the 2 little girls heads and Harriet has baked cup cakes. I also am trying to clean up the house a little. If people only didn’t have to eat, I could get something done.

Last Wednesday eve, we served at P.T.A. We had a big crowd—not so many up to lunch but there were about 150 people at the program. We served sponge cake whipped cream and a cherry on it—guess I told you that. My sponge cake was as good as any of them.

Yesterday I started covering an old quilt with some 10 cent material I got at the Big Store. It will at least be clean.   After supper last night H, G and I returned the figures of George and his father to Katherine Strong. We hadn’t intended to stay any but she was doing dishes so I wiped them for her and that sweet red haired baby sat there in a high chair. We just had to stop and see him too. Then Sidney invited us in to see a Ford film and talkie from the Chicago Fair. So we went in and enjoyed that too. They are such friendly people both of them.

Harriet is restless this afternoon. She wants to take her bike up from the basement and I won’t let her, so she is riding it down there.

Myron went to Litch to the game last night. Litch won of course with a high score. He is using a cane now and the ankle is fine. It took only 3 weeks for it to heal instead of the 4 weeks predicted. I tell him that’s because his blood is clean and he is young—worthwhile to keep good habits. He is to be in the Junior play now—he is George, (son of Gea) and Darrell is his chum. It’s a comedy. He says he “bets” he’ll get kicked out by Lund because he can’t stand her. I hope he’ll behave himself. He’s just jealous because she is with Benson all the time and he can’t be. Don’t write anything about it. Gloria is out playing in this lovely fresh air as usual. She needs to be out as she is thin. Love from Mother.


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