117 Corinna sends an Easter box to the Staffords

Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow

April 22, 1935

“The Dining Room”

2:45 P.M., Monday

Dear Kinney,

Thank you for the Easter Box you sent us. Mother said to tell you the singing of the choir went fine. Gloria and I went over to the Lutheran (Swedish) Church and heard their Easter Program. Eva Swanson gave the welcome piece and just before she gave it she wiggled and turned around because she couldn’t remember it. She had stage fright also. Her curls were bobbing all over. Just before the offering Roger Holm gave a poem about turning your pocketbooks inside out and giving money to Foreign Easter Missions. Rev. Nelson announced that in the morning the people there had given $54.00 which was to be given to Foreign Missions.

The chickens were broken but they tasted just as good and we are finishing the Easter eggs today. Buddy had his share and Mother and Daddy gave us theirs.

It is dry and windy today so mother’s clothes dried fast.

Buddy has gone to a baseball game in Olivia. Daddy sent up a ring (on the phone) for the radio so he is listening to the Ballgame.

The awfulest thing has happened in Atwater. Idella May Halberg has been sick for only a few days and she died this morning of pneumonia.

[Editor’s note: Idella Mae Hallberg was six years old. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/62155300]

Mother says she wishes you would always put the date on your letters.

Grandpa Hall died in 1930 so it’s 5 years ago.

I’m getting along fast with Miss Crosby and I have a pretty piece called “Raise the Maypole.”

Gloria and I keep talking about coming and make plans as Russy did.

Your Sister, Harriet S.

P.S. I wrote that left handed. H.P.S.




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