109 Pancakes for breakfast

April 5, 1935

Dear Corinna,

I have it now too and wish I didn’t have it. I mean the cramps like G and H had. In spite of them I went to Grove City today to visit Florence Baklund. Daddy took me down before 2 o’clock and Myron, H and G came and got me about 6:30 so I had a nice long afternoon. Florence is such a calm, pleasant person to be with. They are moving to the lake in June so she wanted me to come before school was out. Mr. Kallevig has sold the Chevrolet Garage there and he is selling insurance—they will move to St.Cloud or somewhere near that city in the Fall.

Yesterday, I was at W.C.T.U. at Anna Christenson’s in the afternoon and the Annual Church Meeting in the evening. It snowed all day yesterday and today it has been thawing—the snow was full of water and it has done the ground a lot of good.

I sent for a “Story of Mankind” yesterday so I am gradually getting my birthday money spent—a hat and a book so far. I have about $2 left. (Saturday morning):

We are listening to Edward McHugh—he is singing—Near the Cross—beautifully.

I didn’t get your letter finished last night—I was too tired and couldn’t think. Besides H, G and Virginia were playing school and they were quite loud about it. So this letter too will be a day late.

H and G have written to Russy and Myron is contemplating adding a bit. We’ll see how it goes. This is Sat. and that eternal woodpile is staring him in the face. This morning I got up early and made pancakes for Daddy—then I went to all 3 sleepers and said “Pan Cakes”. Everyone (including Myron) got right up before 7 o’clock—came out, washed—and ate pancakes in their pajamas. And I was smiling inside of myself all the time because I had gotten them all up so early and easily on Sat. Morning. I asked them if it was worth the effort and they said it was.

The street grader is going by with a gang of boys trailing along—the roads are muddy and very bumpy. It’s next Saturday we want to go and get that shrubbery. I hope things like weather won’t interfere as I want to get that growing early while the rain still comes down.

Harriet is practicing and Myron has attacked the woodpile. So things are moving at Stafford’s. And my bread is rising and must be put in the pans. Today the Auxiliary gives a Food Sale for the benefit of the Camp Fire Girls. I am going to bring them some rolls even if we haven’t been asked to and Harriet is to bring Fudge. If Aunt Ev has a Royal Baking Pdr. Recipe book that recipe for Brown sugar Divinity is in it—perhaps it is in your book too.   Rev. Bard is better.   Love from Mother.



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