77 Harriet’s birthday

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen and Harriet (Stafford) Dukelow

January 26, 1935

Dear Corinna,

We were nearly as disappointed as you about the outcome of your New York trip. But I suppose now that you have told it once to Aunt Evelyn and once to us, you feel better and the “edge” of it has been taken away. Perhaps you were spared some accident or something—by not going—anyway it wasn’t intended you should go, that’s sure. But I hope you can go soon. I think she’ll be more prompt in the future and I do hope it hasn’t put a “bad taste” in your friendship.

Boak Crater said he went thru 5 ft. snow drifts to the trial on Thursday and it was bad Wednesday too, as you say, so I’m really glad you didn’t go so far. You know going to Willmar is a real lark for me so you should be satisfied with Jamaica.

Harriet was well pleased with her birthday in every way. She has written you about it. I told her how Myron sat on the steps all day and was quiet so as not to disturb Mother and how glad he was that Mother would have a little friend now at home because he was going to start school the next year. And also how we had her in the Rocking Chair and you had the grand priviledge of calling up Winnie and telling her you had a little sister.

Well, we went to the game last night and it was fun because Atwater won. I told Myron tho, it was because Eden Valley wasn’t much good. Myron’s and Sidney’s girls were here and Myron waited with them outdoors so we could meet them–then Sidney had the car and they took them home.

Yesterday afternoon, I hurried down and had a haircut and then Myrtle and I went over to see Betty—brought our sewing along. She was going away, but wouldn’t let us leave so we stayed all afternoon.

There was a letter from Winnie yesterday. Byron had received yours and was improving. I think he was to go to his room by Sunday.

Harriet likes her hankies so well “much better than that baby set she sent Gloria”. She says “I don’t care much about dolls anymore. I’m too old for that.” They always like candy you know too. So you sent just the right things.

If you ever have to write a theme again in your life—tell about the day you didn’t go to N.Y. Love from Mother.


Dear Kinney,

I am writing to you after school and I am going to fool Mother. She is making supper. Harriet just came from the paper route. In school today we wrote with ink in Penmanship and when teacher came to me she said I was moving my arm. After I had got done writing I brought the ink into Harriet, because I am using hers. Bud was just singing. I am sitting in at the table and writing to you. In my Geography test I got 100 and in my History B and in my arithmetic 96. I got one cross in multiply. Harriet says she is going to give all the girls in her room a candy heart and on it, it says to my valentine. The reason I am writing to you is because Mother is letting me use the black fountain pen. Tonight Virginia and I went to get bobs. Love Gloria.


Dear Kinney,

I received your card yesterday and I think it’s real cute. Thanks a lot. I also received 2 handkerchiefs from Winnie and a nice letter. I got 50 cents from mother and 25 cents from daddy. Marjorie gave me a box of stationery of which I am writing.

We went to the basketball game last nite and Atwater won 30-5 with Eden Valley. Town Team played Willmar Town Team and won 12-6.

I also got a butterfinger bar and a package of gum from Bud and 5 cents of candy and a Hershey from Gloria. We had Fruit Jello, pork and beans, and a birthday cake with 11 cherries.

June was just here and she told me to tell you that she is going to write you soon.

We received the hankies and candy and also your letter. We were all very sorry about you not being able to go to the city.

Ask Aunt Evelyn to take a picture of you so we can see how you look like now. Take it with Russy and Phyl.

We have been catching bobs this afternoon—not much luck. Your sister, Hiya


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