98 Ruth feeds a bum a good supper – plus a piece of divinity

March 12, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Tuesday eve—have been making candy tonight to send Aunt Ev and Paul. Paul will be 35 on Thursday. Hope the candy won’t be too stale before it reaches there. Mrs. Arneson was just in and said she would have to miss music class tonight. I hate to go up without her. I walked up to Esther Glader’s this afternoon but she wasn’t home so I came home again—felt sort of disappointed and lonesome. But I sewed the lining into the green coat, which I should have stayed home and done in the first place. Myrtle was busy working on Child Welfare Board Reports with Mrs. Danielson and Mrs. Bard was having all the Sewing Machine men in for coffee. So I just had to stay home.

H and G are cutting out Shirley Temple dolls which they bought after school—I think every girl in their grades got one tonight. Myron is up at play practice.

Wednesday 5:30 p.m.—That’s as far as I got. So you will have to wait a day before getting this. I’m sorry. I have been up to Esther Glader’s this afternoon—she called up this morning and apologized for never being home when I come and asked me to come today. Mrs. Jo Stark was there too. I had my darning along so that’s done. I am waiting for Daddy to come to supper now. Your Sunday letter here and good to know Aunt Ev and Barbara are home. It sounds as tho Phyl’s nose is out of joint—no wonder. I’m so thankful Rus is allright and Aunt Ev found him so. How does Aunt Ev look? I suppose Gladys will be coming home next Saturday.

Daddy is here now. He is trying to trade cars with Benson. I hope he can. Daddy sold two truck tires today which all helps a little.

Yes H and G got A in Deportment and several other A’s too. I think Gloria had 5 A’s. Miss Carlson has been sick with Rheumatism so Harriet will get her card tomorrow. Both teachers have 100’s for each pupil at the beginning of the six weeks and when one whispers a point is taken off and so on—Gloria kept hers at 96 and Harriet at 99. I guess they have almost perfect order up in those two rooms now. Quite a change!

This Friday Anne of Green Gables will be the movie. I am going to go with H and G. I haven’t been to a movie for so long.

I’m glad Aunt Ev can enjoy life again. I was so anxious to get the letter today and see how you all were.

I just gave a bum a good supper—even a piece of Divinity. He made me think of Uncle Burness. Love from Mother.


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