130 Myron and Harriet go to the ball game; Gloria makes mud cakes

May 20, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Monday—a real summer day. The clothes all dried so quickly. Rev. Robertson reminds us of the open house waiting for us this summer at the lake every time he sees us. Last night he was talking to Harriet and Myron about it. He preached his last sermon here last night as now Rev. McCloud of Litchfield will take charge. Next Sunday is Baccalaureate in the M.E. Church. We all felt very sorry to have a change but suppose it is for the best and certainly Robertson couldn’t keep up the 4 places much longer.

Well the clock is still running. It seems like an old friend has come back. Good joke on Daddy, for he was sure it wouldn’t run—not, that he had done anything about it, tho!

Betty just called up and said the water would be turned off for two days as the wells are to be repaired. So I have been filling the boiler and tub with water. I am going to start washing the kitchen tomorrow but I will use soft water for that.

Your letter telling about opening the box came yesterday. Nellie read it too. Winnie was in and read it last night. Nellie went yesterday at 2 o’clock with Jo Issacson. H and G made her promise to come back and stay here on Memorial Day. They are so afraid she’ll get out away some other place and not come back, when she is here.

It was nice you had Aunt Ev to blame for opening the package. If she thot you wanted to she’d say you could, allright. But I’m glad you did, because we heard about it sooner.

The dust blows a little now. It hasn’t rained for about 3 days, but it feels rainy again.

Myron enjoyed the Junior Banquet a lot. He said Darrel made a great speech. Darrel is Junior President. Yesterday he was pretty sleepy all day, but he went to both S.S. and Church and of course the ball game. I spent a quiet afternoon reading and playing the piano. Gloria made mud cakes all afternoon with the Stromseth boys and Virginia. Harriet went to the ball game with Marjorie.

Sat. eve when I was down town I met Tina Quello—she told me about saying “Hello” to you last summer and thinking it was I. Do you remember the time? So you folks think we ought to come with Paul? Do you? Love from Mother.


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