106 Shopping trip to Willmar in the new car

March 30, 1935

Dear Corinna,

We are just home from a Willmar trip. Myron took us up in that Wallace Roetzer car. Myrtle A. and Bobby went along. I bought a hat for $1.88—nice straw with brownish tint but containing a mixture of every shade, and a little green, orange and brown feather cluster on one side. H pretends she doesn’t like it but Myrtle does. H pouted in one corner of the car all the way home about it. I think she was enjoying pouting. I also bought some vegetables at the Market and 2 pair of sox for Myron so you see I didn’t spend too much. I looked at linoleum rugs but I don’t like any of them.

When we got in the house we spied Tillie’s hat on the table. We found her in the living room examining some crocheting on the table. She just told me she played the piano and enjoyed the nice warm house. She has a bad cold I can hear.

Rev. Bard is quite sick with pneumonia—he was worse today.

Oh yes I got a plant for Aunt Nellie for 50 cents—one something like the plant you and Daddy bought me for my birthday once. I want to take it out tomorrow.

I guess you and Aunt Ev are right about that green goods. I put the blue dress on one day with the green coat and it was terrible. I took the coat right off. I will have to wear the dress only when it is too warm for a coat. Yes I shall surely get at the green soon. I tell you—I wish you could have the blue one. It’s really too “floozy” for me anyhow—it’s so bright. But of course I’ll wear it awhile. If Aunt Frances only knew—that anything my children can have, is a present just as much to me, as if it was my own and she has made me just as happy. You know what I mean.

Myron said the play went fine Thurs. night too. He said the crowd laughed more. He wore Benson’s dark blue silk lounging robe in the 1st act and white flannels (we borrowed from Ollie) in the second and third acts.

Olga Peterson, Betty, Mrs. Adams and I were at Myrtle’s birthday yesterday. She had such a nice lunch. I told you I bought her a pink sandwich plate. She used it for the sandwiches at the party.

We are all using the bicycle again. Harriet is so generous—always wanting me to ride it—sometimes H and G are on their roller skates and I on the bike.

G bought herself a new pair of roller skates the other day. She was so happy about them. We gave Evangeline Bomsta your old ones and she just beamed with joy. H is using Myron’s old ones.

Myron is going to the show tonight and H and G and I are going to bed. You certainly got your make-up work done quickly and I’m glad for that. Love from Mother.


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