46 Marvin buys 40 lbs of pork at six cents a pound; Ruth stores it outside under a tub

November 15, 1934

Dear Corinna,

Your letter rec’d telling of your pleasant trip last Sunday. You must have had a lovely dinner and a thrill over seeing Coney Island.

June was here and set my hair today—also Myrtle’s. I want it to look nice and fluffy tomorrow when we serve lunch down town.

If you get Daddy a work shirt—get Size 15. I think that would be a real good present for him. I am not going to try to make you a dress before Christmas—I will send some other things but I will try to make it for a valentine instead. I think you will like the other things we send just as well as the dress. I hope you are not disappointed but I just can’t get at it—things will let up after Christmas so I can get at more sewing.

I have been washing the kitchen walls today. I went down town this afternoon and helped the ladies clean the F.A. Anderson Corner Building, where we are to serve tomorrow. So I am real tired tonight. While there I saw Vernon Swenson who has just returned from Africa. He is such a pleasing refined young man. He said he had recently spent 2 days with his brother Sabin in New York City where he preaches.

Myron got one put over on him today. He and Darrel and Kenneth came about 5 minutes late to Play Practice and Miss Lund told them they could leave. Suppose she had someone read their parts. Anyhow I think they will be on time after this. She may have been up late last night.

Daddy bought about 40 lbs. of pork today from John Brown. He paid 6 cents a lb. and at the meat market it’s 25 cents. If it doesn’t stay cold I will have to can some of it. We gave Lundquists a little piece of it. It’s out on the North side under a tub.

I have been appointed official dish washer at our Lunch tomorrow at my own request. Mrs. Swenson said she wanted to give me an easy job and I said if I had a high stool I’d like to wash dishes. She said she’d bring hers down for me. She is always so thotful of me.

Harriet is writing a book summary of Anne of Green Gables. Myron has gone to Basket Ball Practice—he rushes from one thing to another every day. I rush, and everyone in this family rushes all the time and I feel like I’d like to go and live on a desert island—just for a little while tho.

My window box is very pretty this year. I have only Foliage plants in it—by the S.E. Dining room window. In the big window I have geraniums and petunias—10 plants—the petunias are budded.

Alma Olson and Christine Erickson called on me yesterday. I cooked coffee for them. Alma was in to get her teeth fitted. She looks thin and old with no teeth. She will get her new ones next week. She is discouraged because Walter was not reelected County Commissioner.

Every time I sit down to the piano I think how glad I am you have one too. Hope Russy will like to learn to play. Notice in the book that the treble clef is Mrs. G and the Bass Mr. F and their child is Middle C. I am sure you will enjoy teaching him with such a good method. You can have him play in the Nat’l. Graded Course after he gets a good start in the Williams book too.

Would you wear that “snug” underwear—10% wool if I sent you some? Vest and panties I mean? Goodnight and Love from Mother.


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