10 Gloria plays paper dolls

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen

August 29, 1934

Dear Corinna,

Yes, I do practice everyday. I am memorizing Thome’s Aveu. Virginia and I slept together last night. We read books in bed. When I slept at Bard’s we woke up at 6:30 and played paper dolls in bed. I have been canning rhubarb in my playhouse out doors. I wash all the dishes three times a day and Harriet wipes them. I stand on the chair when I wash them. I wish I could see Russell’s cat. I am getting tired now so good night, Your sister, Gloria.


August 29th,

Dear Kinny and all,

Gloria’s letter here and is she proud! She had an awful time reading it to Winnie, Harriet and me. Myron opened it just as she said he would. It’s such a cute letter we think—we just love to hear things about Phyllis and Russell. Hope they continue to provide you with material for writing their stunts which no doubt they will.

Well, the fun has begun—Gloria is writing a letter to you. “How do you spell Minnesota, August” etc. has already begun.

Cold weather continues. Tonight it is raining. Daddy bought me 3 large pieces of coal this a.m. which will last a couple days. I baked bread today but it was so cold last night it didn’t rise at all until we got a fire started.

Last night I went over to the M.E. Church to a missionary address on India. It was very interesting to me especially because of my doing so much reading on India the past year.

Today I have canned a few peaches and started grape jam—also I cleaned up some upstairs. I am to have W.C.T.U, next week so I am sort of looking ahead to that. Mrs. B.Holm is to serve with me. I want to go to the State Fair too—I feel the children should have the opportunity and I, too, want to see it. So I have a full program this and next week.

The pictures of Russell, Harriet, Gloria and Phyllis, I intended for Aunt Ev so you give them to her. You can look at them anyhow you know. Aren’t they good pictures?

Virginia Bard slept here last night with Gloria in your room. They giggled and giggled and had such a good time. They slept together at Bard’s last week.

Myron is going to sleep with Rand McBroom tonight—they are going to put on their Boy Scout Uniforms and hitch hike to Mpls. tomorrow to the Ball Game, early.

This afternoon I walked out to the Cemetery with Olga Peterson and Myrtle Arneson. The weather is just like Fall already. H and G will include their letters with mine so tho’ mine is short you will get lots of news. Love to you all   Mother


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