99 Myron drives Marvin’s “wrecky Chevy” to the tournament in Litchfield

March 15, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Rec’d your letter today—sorry Aunt Ev had a set back. I know she must have felt miserable. She was up too much that first day. It just doesn’t go. I know. I’m sure she is better by this time tho and I hope Barbara has decided she can’t get attention by crying. At least, I suppose she is trying that as they all do. Well I’ve had my day at it and now it’s Aunt Ev’s turn.

Harriet is just home from Beaulieu Beryl’s birthday party and is already practicing. She is taking lessons from Gertrude Crosby. She started yesterday—is going to pay for them with her paper money. I decided she would do much better under a real teacher and she already has showed new interest in her music. She had been practicing Wollenhaupt’s Etude that you all practiced—the one Myron was playing when he quit. She did better with it than Myron ever did. Miss Crosby is going to get her one new piece otherwise we are going to use what music is here.

Most of the ice and snow is gone now. Olga Peterson just called to me from the schoolhouse and said there was a Robin there. If Winter Comes—Spring must be close behind—or however that song goes. It has been so lovely for a few days.

Rev. Valentine of a large Mpls. Meth. Church has been speaking at this M.E. Church since Wed. eve. I have been going every night and it has been so helpful. Last night he talked about “The Untroubled Life”—John 14:1,2,3. He talked to the H.S. at 9 yesterday morning—Myron liked him so much. I am going again tonight. H and G are going to Anne of Green Gables.

Harriet lost a customer tonight—Jurgmeier. She will take the paper again later. But Harriet doesn’t like it very well.

Winnie is going back to work for those people again as the lady is sick in the Hospital. She got a phone call today.

I’ve been thinking maybe Aunt Ev needs you all the time now and you ought to quit school. Would you be very much disappointed? This is just a suggestion.

I have finished the green coat and it looks very nice. I’ve been on it long enuff. I go too much—that’s why I get little done.

Myron and Darrel went to Litch to see the State Tournament tonite. They went in that wrecky Chev Daddy drives around—a one seated affair. Myron has a new girl now—Nora—Ruthie is in the past. I feel sorry if he’s breaking hearts. Love from Mother.


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