72 Another fierce blizzard

January 11, 1935

Dear Corinna,

I have just come home from the Kerkhoven game and Kerk won, 25 to 13. Our boys played a good game but the Kerk boys were great in size. They could throw the ball right over the heads of our boys.

Today in the pep fest, Rand and Sidney had a stunt—they called up the B.B. boys—first they pretended they called Stafford’s and Rand said, “Oh Hello Gloria, Is Bud there?” “He isn’t?” “What did you say Gloria?” “He went to Willmar yesterday and hasn’t got back yet?” “O, he’s there now—well, call him to the phone.” And so they called up the rest of the team and then they decided they had better call Benson so Rand said, “Hello, Lenore, How’s the kiddies?” “Can we talk to Mr. Benson?” Myron said the H.S. roared for 3 minutes over that. Miss Lund laughed with them and Benson said, “They sure have a lot of nerve.”

Your letter and one from Winnie came today. By the way, her address is 620 S. 7th St..   You might want to write to her again sometime. H and G went to the show tonight with Mrs. Lundgren, Marjorie and Naomi—it was called Operator 13–a Civil War story. Daddy was at the game tonight—Am sure he was disappointed over the score.   I am glad you could see “Bright Eyes”. When it comes to Atwater H, G, and I will surely go.

Sunday afternoon—I intended to finish this yesterday but I was tired when I was ready to do it and I couldn’t even think. Tillie was here in the afternoon. She hadn’t been here since Christmas Eve Day. I lent her a couple of books to read—large print. June was here in the morning and set my hair. Then I set Harriet’s and Gloria’s and I’m really improving. I baked Nellie Muhly’s molasses cookies before June came. I am going to serve just sandwiches and a large cookie for the League. H and G and I walked up to see Mrs. Glader Thursday eve. She insisted that she will bake buns for the sandwiches. I wanted to do it for her as I thot she ought to rest as much as she can. She said the Dr. said the growth is called a cyst and he took it off without even local anaesthetic. Mrs. Glader and I are hostesses you know.

I cut the blue crepe out yesterday before Tillie came—so that’s a good start. I think it’s fine you’re going to save money for a summer coat.

We are having a fierce blizzard again—I didn’t even go to S.S. this morning because it’s so bad. There will be no church tonight. Daddy took H and G around on the paper route and then I bundled up their heads with big scarfs when they took Benson’s paper up at 9 o’clock. They stayed at the garage then till S.S. time. Myron went to S.S. too of course. Last night he went to Willmar to see his Ruthie. It was blowing snow then too but he went with Norman and he’s a good driver.

Kinny, I can’t get Myron to write any letters, but I know he likes what you sent him for Christmas a lot and Uncle ROC’s and Aunt Ev’s present too, so excuse his laziness and remember he’s just 16 and can’t help it.

I’m sending H and G out for a few rounds around the house. They’ve got too much pep to stay in any longer. They won’t stay out long as it is getting colder.

Don’t look for a letter from me until a day later than usual as I don’t think I’ll get time to write till Wednesday. Tomorrow I will bake bread and clean up the house and Tuesday put on the finishing touches.

I am listening to a beautiful orchestra on the Radio. It’s so snug and cozy in here and so terrible outside. Love from your Mother.


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