135 Myron plays “The Lost Chord” at Commencement, accompanied by Ruth

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen

May 31, 1935

Dear Kitten,

How are you? This is the last day of school. I can’t wait till June 22, I am so glad. Virginia went to Minneapolis to-day and didn’t come to school. We just made the beds. Buddy is reading. I am soon going out to play. Mother is going to add on this letter.

Gloria felt funny as usual—addressing you as Kitten. [Editor’s note: written in Ruth’s handwriting.]

I am just home from Commencement. I kept thinking about last year while I sat there. Myron played The Lost Chord and I accompanied him and it went fine. I played it out of that large school song book and transposed the solo part for him. I will enclose a program for you. Dr. Andreen talked about the “Dignity of the Daily Task”. When Harry Peterson came up to play his piano solo, he hauled his music up out of his pocket all folded up and plunked it down on the piano and then got down to business. I was wondering where he had his music. The class wore gray caps and gowns—31 in the class. Miss Lund and Miss Steen and Mr. Olson all felt so bad to leave. I shall miss them all so much and Miss Branae too. Geo. Larson gave a wonderful talk to the class.

No-one came for Memorial Day. Nellie went with the Holmberg girls up to Chas. Holmbergs for dinner. Our noses were all out of joint. I sent a rooster to Karl’s tho with Nellie—which was his birthday present. We had chicken too and rhubarb pie. I suppose the city folks were all too busy to come. L.E.Covell was the speaker and he began by recalling the Old Soldiers—mentioned P.O.Hall and his own silk flag first.

It was certainly nice of Mrs. Wachter to give you that purse. I shall enjoy so much seeing all your new friends. It may be a hard trip but still I don’t believe it will with that new V-8. I want to mail this so I will close quick and write a better letter next time. Love from Mother.


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