55 Myron plays Willie Waldo in “The Antics of Andrew” and Harriet sings in “Sunbonnet School Days”

Gloria (Stafford) Hansen

December 7, 1934

Dear Kinney,

I got my package on Friday and Harriet got her letter too. I am going to bring Robert’s cane candy over as soon as he comes home. I quickly ran upstairs and got my doll and she slept the longest time she ever has. She slept two hours and a half. Tomorrow I am going to have Virginia over for lunch. The reason my dolly slept so long is that I gave her the bottle. Miss Stenberg says I can go to school on Monday. H is going to buy me ten cents worth of candy. Buddy is going to buy me ten cents worth of gum. Mother has bought me a puzzle. Lots of love, Gloria Ruth Stafford.


Dear Corinna,

It’s very cold. I put on my coat and overshoes when I went up to clean up Myron’s room so you may know how cold it is. Harriet has moved downstairs and either she or Gloria sleep on the davenport now. The coal bin already has a hole in it.

I thot you might be taking the train into New York alone. I talked about it at home here because I thot it would be foolish for Uncle ROC to go home and go right back again. Well you haven’t anything on me—I’ve walked up Broadway too with Uncle ROC and watched the blazing lights and traffic.

The play was even better last nigh—so Harriet said. Myron said the actors all thot it went well too. He said when he and Harry came out in those dresses—the crowd roared for 3 or 4 minutes so they could do nothing but stand and simper and flutter their large dance handkerchiefs to touch their hair up etc. I thot we laughed enough the first night but Myron said the crowd was even more appreciative last night. Myron will send the book soon. I took a picture of him today in the gown. Tonight the boys go to Eden Valley to play B. Ball. He just rushes from one thing to another all the time.

I went to W.C.T.U. yesterday at Agnes Holm’s—very few there. Gloria stayed home alone—she had a nickel for solace.

Today I have washed Genevieve’s dress and slip and ironed them—also returned them. It was certainly nice of Genevieve to lend them to Myron. Benson told the boys to stay in bed till ten this morning so I called Myron a little before that. He got up to school in time for Chemistry.

Gloria likes her doll set and candy cane so well. She has played dolls all afternoon—the package came this noon.

I am listening to Time now. Suppose you are too. Does Uncle ROC take Time? Tomorrow Harriet or I will bake a birthday cake for Gloria. Goodnight and Love from Mother.

The bill for the play is titled “The Antics of Andrew” December 5-6.

Characters: Willie Waldo: Myron Stafford, Dean Socrates Boynton: Darrel Dowdell,

among others.

Specialties: “Sunbonnet School Days (between Acts 1 and 2):Harriet Stafford, Marjorie Lundgren and 4 other girls. Play given as a benefit for the H.S. Athletic Assoc.


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