132 Harriet and Gloria sell poppies

May 25, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Saturday P.M.—I’m cooking a real tough chicken so as to get it ready for Myron’s birthday dinner tomorrow. I baked a birthday cake and frosted it, oh so pretty, and I think it’s Gloria that has picked off bits of frosting on one side. I suppose she just couldn’t resist the temptation. I think it happened when she was wiping the dishes. She says no, but doesn’t look me in the eye.

H is down at the Camp Fire Sale. I’m too tired to go down yet. I may get Myron a tie, too, for he has been complaining about he needed new ties—not just a tie—but ties. I will get it about suppertime and go to the Sale then too. H and Marjorie have charge of the fishpond. They sold poppies from 8:30 to 10:30 and H was real tired. But she can sit down behind the fishpond. Gloria and Virginia sold poppies from 8-10—North of the pavement and East of Passoneau’s. I’d just like to have been along and seen and heard their line of approach.

Rec’d a good letter from Roswell today. He’s a terrible writer but Myron and I made it out together. He’s a loyal cousin anyhow—says I must call him up—gave me his telephone number—wants to take me up North to see the other Covells and around anywhere I want to go. Mentioned Phyl in particular and said all Russell’s family are nice and Corinna a good-looking young lady now. I suppose he is partial to the Covell nose. He wants me to write him when I’m coming.

Winnie going now to her job means she won’t take care of Pen. Paul mentioned I might have the job if Pen was satisfied here. How I would like to make the money and if you were here it would go just fine. I’d buy—boy, what wouldn’t I buy? Because I believe they’d give me $4 or $5 a week. Frances was going to pay Winnie $4. If we go along—Pennie would be so used to us all, that I think she’d be real satisfied here. Of course if Paul’s change their minds about taking Harriet I wouldn’t go. What a summer it may be!!!   Love from Mother.


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