4 Gloria goes to Bluebirds camp

August 15, 1934

This is Wednesday again. This morning has been a busy one. I have baked bread, canned 8 quarts of Italian prunes and sent Gloria off to camp. Myron took the trailer and picked up 9 little girls and their belongings. They all sat in the trailer each waving a branch of a tree and singing. Harriet has baked a cake and will frost it this afternoon so when we get a chance we can send it out to the Bluebirds. We are to go and get them Friday eve late. Gloria packed off and on, all day yesterday. She has her own cot so she can sleep alone. You remember last year she wasn’t entirely satisfied with her bed partner.

Evelyn’s letter here today. I was very glad to get it. It seemed to be the very thing I needed today. You are a very comfortable, discerning person, Evelyn. I needed your view point too.

Well it must be you aren’t a bit lonely Corinna for there isn’t a hint of it. And of course—then I am more contented here.

Your second to be a letter writer. I have ordered the prints you wanted and they will be coming in a week or so. I hope everything in your box was allright—Was it? I am planning on making your blue jumper into a skirt. Would you like that? Then I can make it long enough for you.

There is a gift of 3 linen hankies here for you from Aunt Jennie and Mary. Their address is Great Bend, N.Y. I will send them as soon as I have some other things to send you.

Did I tell you Daddy and Myron want to go to a ball game in Mpls. next Sunday? H and G and I will go, too, and stay maybe till Wednesday nite. They all seemed to want me to come so bad so I thot we should. I must write a card to Aunt Esther about it today.

Next Sat. the Covered Wagon comes thru here. We mothers are to serve the dinner to the 30 members of it and then our own boys and the fathers and mothers. We met at B. Holm’s last night and planned for a meal for 60. We will have roast ham, creamed new potatoes, corn and macaroni, pie coffee, nectar, pickels and jam. We will serve it in the park opposite Holm’s store. The ladies offered to let me off from any baking seeing I’d be rather busy getting ready to go to Mpls. But I will go down early and help with the coffee etc. instead.

Last Monday Myron had the car to go to see his girl and Elvira and I and the children rode along and visited with Ethel until about 10:15. We had a better visit than last time I was there because she wasn’t busy getting a meal for us this time.

Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Boliou came up and chatted awhile. She said she thot I needed friends running in now so I wouldn’t be too lonely. Kind of her, wasn’t it? So many unexpected pleasant little things have been done for me like that since you left. I made some lemon and orange-ade and served cookies and cake with it.   Beaulieu Beryl was along—but she was too shy to play with Gloria.

This afternoon Mrs. Bard has invited Mrs. Arneson and me over to spend some time. I really ought to stay home and do something but I can take a little sewing along. I don’t hardly get my mending done because I am  either going or some one coming all the time.

Myron has been going outdoors in his sleep for 2 nights now. Night before last he was up trying the front door and I tried to get him to go back to bed . He carried his quilt along and when I tried to get it away from him –he put up his fist and I really think he would have hit me if I hadn’t jumped back. But he laid down again and about an hour after I heard him push the latch down on the screen door and out he went like a flash. I was so tired I waited a bit and then I went out and called. He came running from the back—he found himself up by the school-house when he waked. Last night he tried it again but didn’t get out—I told him in no uncertain terms that he was asleep and he wasn’t going thru that door tonite. He went to bed saying—“Well, what’s it to you?” I’m really getting tired of it.

I’m so glad you could go to church and hear lovely music Sun. which I’m sure you did. Did you wear your rose dress? Glad you’ve had the thrill of seeing the ocean. Continue to tell us of Phyllis’ stunts etc. We too I think will hear a lot more about Floral Park folks than we have before.

I must clean up to go to Bard’s now. Love to you all,

Your Mother.

Harriet sold 12 extras last Sunday. Myron helped. Daddy even sold one.


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