100 Harriet starts a Skippy club

March 17, 1935

Dear Corinna,

We didn’t get a letter today as we had expected. I have just finished reading a book on Taxes and Tax Trends—it’s the League lesson for next Tuesday. I think we meet at Nels Thompson’s—I’ll have to call up someone and find out for sure.

It’s lovely Spring weather again today—I heard a robin twitter before I got up this morning. Everyone is out enjoying the air and I will be too when I get this letter written.

Our garage Radio is on the bum too, so we have no music at all now except what we make ourselves. Guess Daddy will have to fix one of them now.

Harriet and some of the girls have started a Skippy Club. They met here yesterday and such a clatter you never heard! Gloria and I gave them lunch early and then they went out to play. We were relieved. Most of them went on the paper route with Harriet.

I earned a little money last week—15 cents—went down to Woodruff’s or Weideroff I guess (in John Miller house) to call the girl to the phone. They are supposed to be a rough family moving about often—they lived in Ben’s house last winter. But this girl was sweet to look at and neat and clean. Anyhow I got 15 cents out of it.

June set my hair yesterday again. She works at the Broman Coffee Shop whenever needed. This morning I rode to S.S. with Helen Lund—she and Genevieve are home for the week end. She asked about you of course and said you owe her a letter.

Winnie has been trying to get a ride to the city—I wonder if she succeeded –I wish she could get a real good job—she certainly is having a hard time to make things go.

Myron said to tell you Ruth Rosenquist wrote to you long ago and says she never rec’d an answer. Myron is reading “Peder Victorious” by Roolvag—a story of Dakota territory—he has to read it for a book report. The play is to be March 27th and 28th. Basketball is all over and now he has brought his Baseball mitt up from the basement.

I will be looking for a letter tomorrow. We are wondering how Aunt Ev and everybody is. Now I am going for a walk. Betty Lundgren has a new rug and I want to see it. Love from Mother.


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