126 Ruth feeds a tramp a plate on the back porch

May 12, 1935

Dear Corinna,

Since I last wrote I have your two letters and the Mother’s Day Card, which arrived this morning. I was expecting it. I invited Lundquists over to dinner and Paul’s came too so we have had a nice day. The card is very nice—you have sent so many lovely cards this year.

Paul’s have a new V-8—green—a Radio in it. Paul took us all riding and Frances rested at home here and read. They wanted me to go to New York with them. They didn’t give up when they left—said I need not decide yet.

A tramp came to the door today while we were eating. Daddy told him we had company but I called to him and told him I’d give him a plate. He ate it in a hurry on the porch and then went down to Freelanders and got dry coffee and sandwiches. He evidently was collecting for a meal for some buddies. He even didn’t want what I gave him because he said, “This is a poor place to eat on the back porch.” Then I said you can come in if you want to—“No,” he barked, “I’m thru now”. Then Paul and Daddy all had the haha on me for my tender heartedness. Paul asked me if I didn’t want him to take the bum around in his car, etc.

We like the sample of your blouse. Well, I guess Myron must have changed allright. I shall try to get a picture of Daddy some day—one when he doesn’t expect it, would be the nicest I think.

I’m mighty proud too of your score in Shorthand. I let Aunt Frances read your letter. She said you could soon work up your speed now by yourself and maybe get a job in another year.

We have just been rereading your letter and laughing about “Phyl being wewied”. Myron chuckles and says, “Gee I wish I could see that kid again.”

Lola Rhode has had a rather bad thing happen to her—she has a baby girl born this week. It is too bad but she will no doubt develop into a good woman from now on.

I am quite tired tonight but I am going to Church. It is cold so we built a furnace fire after Paul’s came. Otherwise we try to get along with the range. It will surely soon really warm up so we won’t have to burn fuel. But of course when it’s rainy, it will naturally be cooler, and who wouldn’t rather have it that way than hot and dry? You don’t hear anyone kicking about the rain around here. Time to get ready for Church now. Love from Your Mother.


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