19 Marvin sells the Pontiac and gets a Ford pickup

Marvin Christopher Stafford and Gloria (Stafford) Hansen

September 19, 1934

Dear Kinny,

As I have a few spare minutes will drop you a line to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you. Have been reading all your letters. You must be having a good time with all the things you are seeing.

Everybody does not have the chance you have got. Even if it is lonesome once in awhile. You have started to school now that will keep you busy now and the time will soon go. We miss you here, too.

I set the table yesterday noon and I put a plate on for you too so you see I still think of you. Business is not very good just now. I sold the Pontiac and have a pickup now. Mother is writing tonight so will Ring off for this time. Will write more next time.

Love to you, Dad. Excuse mistakes.


September 19,1934

Dear Kinny,

Virginia and Harriet and I went on a Ferris wheel and we stopped up in the air while the man let someone on. And then we went on the cars, and the horses. We had lots of fun. We went on the horses and on the cars. And we had some popcorn and ice cream we had so much fun at the Fair.

Wednesday   Last night Harriet and I went over at Bards and stayed while Mother went over to the Recital. Buddy got his letter today. Hurry up and send our paper dolls. I am so tired Kinny I think I will have to go to bed. Good night. Love, Gloria.

P.S. Give Phyllis a hug for me. I didn’t check this over so excuse mistakes. Love, Gloria.




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