Cooperating Libraries In Consortium (CLIC) is a non-profit corporation of academic libraries officially incorporated in April, 1969. The Presidents of the institutions signed the Articles of Incorporation on April 15th, and the documents were filed with the State of Minnesota on the next day. The original members were private colleges: Augsburg College, Bethel College (now Bethel University), College of St. Catherine (now St. Catherine University), College of St. Thomas (now University of St. Thomas), Concordia College (now Concordia University), Hamline University, Macalester College, and The James J. Hill Reference Library.

From the Articles of Incorporation: “The corporation shall have the power: 1. To serve as a means and entity for the accomplishment of joint or cooperating efforts by its members. 2. To provide an entity which can receive, use, and dispense potentially available funds which will support and encourage programs operated by cooperating libraries and librarians. 3. To improve through these efforts both individual and combined library resources and services.”


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