9 1978

January 12, 1978.  Focus of the meeting was on the Brodart microfilm catalog with representatives of the company present. Payment dispute was resolved.

February 6, 1978.  Board voted to hire Janette (Jan) Chittenden as the new Coordinator. She began work on February 27th. CLIC staff (Coordinator, ILL person and the courier) housed at Hill Library.

Specifications for a CLIC COM Catalog were presented by catalogers and the Board adopted them for use in negotiating with Brodart for the April update of the catalog.
The Board decided to purchase Autographic Library Catalog Readers for the microfilm catalog. The purchase was supported by grant monies.

April 3, 1978.  Massman (HIL) announced the termination of the Hill Union Catalog staff as of June 30th and the elimination of direct phone lines. CLIC continued to employ Kathy Swan to serve as its interlibrary loan contact to MINITEX and St. Paul Public Library until December 31, 1978. Generally interlibrary loan transactions among CLIC libraries were by paper form. The Interlibrary Loan Task Force needed to create policies and procedures including interface procedures with MINITEX and St. Paul Public Library.

May 1, 1978.  Board minutes indicate that there were difficulties with Brodart supplying the microform catalog and that CLIC sought legal counsel on how to proceed with Brodart. A written record of the May 10th meeting with representatives of the Board and Brodart (Schaub and Steinbach) appears not to be available.

May 22, 1978.  Hill Library dues assessment changed for fiscal year, 1978-1979, and in future because it no longer needed to support a union catalog and staff. At this time libraries paid one equal share plus a share based upon a proportion of FTE enrollment.

June 1, 1978.  CLIC libraries stopped sending the extra catalog card to the union catalog at Hill Library.

Summer, 1978.  These months were devoted to developing interlibrary loan policies and to planning for publicizing the new microfilm union catalog in CLIC libraries. The Interlibrary Loan Task Force met and created procedures and forms for the individualized system. Work on COM promotional materials moved forward. Plans for a gala dinner celebrating the completion of the Union Catalog Conversion Project were completed.

Some interesting data about the COM catalog is contained in a Brodart letter (9/8/78)
As of 8/31/ 78, the database contained 356,711 titles. This amounted to 1,228,930 entries divided into 820,427 author/title and 408,503 subject. The total length of the microfilm catalog was 2041 feet. Divided into1,346 feet for author/title catalog and 695 for subject catalog.

September 21, 1978.  CLIC received the magnetic tapes of the CLIC COM catalog database from Brodart.

September 28, 1978.  The dinner celebration for the completion of the Union Catalog Conversion Project was held.

October 16, 1978.  After significant work and negotiation new interlibrary loan procedures between CLIC and MINITEX went into effect October 30, 1978.

Problems with Brodart continued. Work on identifying and making corrections to the database (Duplicate records and short entries) was the focus of member library catalogers at this period. Several Board meetings included long discussions concerning updates to the catalog, division of the catalog, closing of card catalogs, number and maintenance of COM readers. “Discussion was ended by a general sense of fatigue that pervaded the group.” is the statement concluding the pertinent section in the December 11, 1978 minutes.


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