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On January 9, 1970, CLIC’s interlibrary delivery system serving each CLIC library began staffed by Joel Olsen, an Augsburg student, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from January to May. Fee charged by Mr. Olsen was two dollars an hour and ten cents a mile.
Charges for photocopies were set at ten cents a page and work was being done to create methods of collecting statistics and payments.

The first major activity of the Consortium was the publication of a computer-produced Union List of Periodicals and Newspapers in 1970. This list facilitated a thorough examination of institutional collective serial holdings which resulted in title transfers and consolidation of holdings among institutions The list enabled better decisions about new subscriptions, subscription cancellations, location, length of retention, and binding.

Jeannette Brown and Jack King, Hamline Bush Library

Early in 1970, the cooperative acquisitions goal of the consortium began to be addressed.
Library directors were asked to have their institutions appoint a faculty member to an Advisory Committee to CLIC. A committee of board members was appointed to develop a CLIC acquisitions policy (Minutes May 6, 1970) Board members appointed their acquisitions librarians or another appropriate individual to serve on a selection-acquisitions committee to discuss purchase of expensive materials.

A Board publications committee began work on a brochure about CLIC.

April 10, 1970, the annual dinner began the tradition of annual CLIC celebrations.

The first revision of CLIC Bylaws was passed on May 19, 1970.

In July, 1970, Hill Library employed a systems analyst, Mr. Fraser. Among his assessments he undertook to become familiar with CLIC libraries and flow chart their technical services operations to see if there would be practical ways of centralizing some of them. Formal termination of pursuing CLIC wide centralized processing took place at the November 3, 1971, Board meeting.

James J. Hill Library


By September, 1970, CLIC’s Union List of Periodicals and Newspapers was distributed to the libraries and planning was done for exchange and consolidation of incomplete runs of titles among the libraries.

Also in September, 1970, Stephen Plumb’s contract as half time CLIC Coordinator was renewed with his salary to be paid from CLIC funds rather than by Hill Library. However, his status changed to full time CLIC employee in November until his resignation in June, 1971.


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