31 1999

January 27, 1999.  The 1997/98 CLIC audit showed a net equity of $845,000. Don Carpenter, auditor, suggested the Board go through some financial strategic planning in the future.

The conclusion of the Assessment Team’s report to the Board was that Northwestern College met CLIC’s membership requirements. There was discussion of other issues and a decision to continue the discussion on February 18th.

February 24, 1999.  The Board approved the motion that Northwestern College become a member of CLIC.

A motion to have a moratorium on adding additional members to CLIC until a strategic plan was in place passed unanimously.

CLIC staff were directed to look into purchasing a new office telephone system.

May 6, 1999.  A serials management retreat was held.

June 23, 1999.  The Board approved the MnLINK Gateway contract. CLIC received $62,077 for participation in the project. The Board approved CLIC becoming a beta site for the Gateway III software. Training on the software took place in the summer and fall.

CLICnet III Steering Committee began meeting. Their report including a timeline and RFP and selection process was distributed and approved.

Remodeling of CLIC office space was approved. New lease with Justin Properties, Inc. was for five years (July 1, 1999-June 30, 2004). Remodeling started in October.

Bethel Seminary and Northwestern College were performing appropriate data loads to join the consortium.

September 22, 1999.  More than 70 library staff members attended the CLICnet III kickoff event. Writing groups for functional system components were designated.
Vendor demonstrations were presented in October/November.

October 27, 1999.  CLIC By-Laws were revised with “he/she” language. In future Alternates to the Board will place a written proxy at the CLIC office annually.

December 1, 1999.  CLICnet III RFP was sent to 15 vendors. The Board designated the CLICnet III Steering Committee to manage and implement the vendor evaluation process.


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