3 1972

A list of priorities and budget items for 1972-73 demonstrates the expansion of CLIC’s services:

1. Expand and refine interlibrary loan system,
2. Develop an acquisitions program which aims for cooperation in comprehensive collection development,
3. Develop a system to coordinate audio-visual resources and services,
4. Make creative effort to seek more grants,
5. Recommend criteria for participation in the CLIC system, 6. Continue cooperative efforts with outside organizations and institutions.

October, 1972, another step in cooperative collection development began when the Board approved a motion to seek funding for a campus- wide inventory of audio-visual materials and hardware. (It should be noted that at this time audio-visual departments at some institutions were not part of library services.) An AV Committee was formed and an AV survey was taken.

CLIC joined the Association for Cooperative Library Organizations.


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