20 1988

January 12, 1988.  Marcia Dunker assumed her duties as Assistant to the CLIC Manager.

March 23, 1988.  Carlyle supplied hardware continued to cause trouble. The Board approved a motion that charged the Contract Compliance Committee to travel to Emeryville, CA to:

1. Improve communication,
2. Express displeasure on lack of progress on CLIC’s installation
3. Raise concern about lack of notice of Jack Huber’s departure, etc.
4. Indicate CLIC will not provide favorable reviews of Carlyle’s performance
5. Jointly develop a revised implementation schedule for products and services Carlyle contracted to deliver.

In future CLIC functional committees would be appointed in May of each year. Concern about meeting burnout among member library staffs was expressed and suggestions made for developing skills in group process and decision making.

April 13, 1988.  The Board acknowledged the Catalog. Database Maintenance Committee’s recommendation that Carlyle CATIE software be accepted even though it did not provide an electronic online interactive catalog input/edit capability. The lack of ability to match/merge records and update CLICnet was a major issue for technical services staffs until CLIC moved on to a new system.

May, 1988.  There was still dissatisfaction with Carlyle and the company experienced reorganization.

June 20, 1988.  Steve Salmon from Carlyle made a site visit to CLIC. Ensuing letters discussed database updating and other compliance problems between CLIC and Carlyle.
Key issues were: 1. Capability of maintaining the database so that one bibliographic record is stored with holdings attached, 2. An updating function that doesn’t require manual intervention, and 3. An updating process which can be accomplished locally.

July, 1988.  Management functions for CLIC personnel policies and office finances moved from the Hill Library responsibility to the CLIC office.

August, 1988.  There were negotiations between Carlyle and CLIC’s Contract Compliance Committee. CLIC’s Cataloging/Database Committee reviewed and rejected Carlyle’s Interim Update Utility.

Carlyle Systems, Inc. reorganized.

August 3, 1988.  CLIC dues for 1988-89 based on a formula: One half the total budget apportioned equally among the eight members and one half according to a variable share based on the calculation of three variables: collection size, patron count, and active RP ports.

The Board approved the CLIC Organization Chart and the document, Functional Committee: SOP.

September, 1988.  Bud Tripp, Carlyle president and Susan Elliott, Carlyle OPAC team manager, had on site meetings with the CLIC Board and catalogers. A plan for implementing database maintenance and local updating was devised which required manual work on the database by CLIC catalogers well into 1989.

The established Testing Task Force worked on testing methodologies. Pauline Iacono, Ramsey County Library, served as consultant for CLIC’s system testing.

Functional testing of Phase I of the system was to be completed by December 31, 1988.

September 28, 1988.  The position of Assistant to the CLIC Manager was made permanent.

The revised contract agreement with Carlyle as documented in Kinney’s letter of 9/21/88 was approved.

October, 1988.  CLIC catalogers began cataloging on both CATIE (Carlyle’s program) and OCLC. Frequent system downtime occurred. Carlyle scheduled a 20 hour period of service interruption in November to correct problems.

Throughout the year functional committees met and accomplished tasks which were reported at Board meetings by the Board liaisons to each group.

October 14, 1988.  The Board approved the Interlibrary Loan Committee’s standard lost book policy.

November, 1988.  Carlyle required scheduled down times so their engineers could work on fixing the system locally.

December 14, 1988.  Kinney (MNE) reported that Carlyle management was positioning the company for sale.


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