4 1973

In February the Board passed a motion requiring that materials purchased with grant monies be circulated to all member libraries.

In September the Board decided to have monthly meetings.

CLIC continued to benefit from the receipt of federal grant monies for materials purchases. A major concern was the identification and sharing of audio-visual materials, both those purchased with grant monies and those owned by individual institutions.

CLIC Newsletter Fall 1973

October 31, 1973.  The Board directed the AV Committee to develop procedures for sharing a-v materials owned by individual institutions.

December 5, 1973.  CLIC membership expansion came up for the first time. Midwestern School of Law requested membership. A lengthy discussion of the purpose of the consortium, load on services, and value of potential members took place. The end result was the appointment of an ad hoc committee to prepare an addition to CLIC’s constitution which would incorporate principles and objectives to define CLIC’s relationships with other libraries.



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