16 1984

The Automation Task Force produced a Request For Information (RFI) document .

February 20, 1984.  The Board approved a motion to send out the RFI as close to March 1st as possible and to all vendors deemed appropriate based on criteria discussed. Deadline for responses April 16th.

The Board approved funding for an updated CLIC/ACTC AV Directory.

Automation at the statewide level i.e. MSUS/PALS System continued to figure into Board discussions of CLIC automation. The dissolution of the Minnesota, North and South Dakota Regional Online Systems group in May, 1984, reaffirmed the need for CLIC to “do its own thing.”

May 16, 1984.  Request to Brodart for a paper printout of CLICs “short entries” in the COM database was authorized. When the printout arrived there were 60,000 items needing correction. This needed to be accomplished by the member libraries and procedures for doing so were implemented.

Tina Wu, Hamline Bush Library

Summer, 1984.  Carlyle System’s. Inc.’s Steve Salmon suggested in a letter to Jack King (MNH) that CLIC become a test site for their system. The company had also responded to CLIC’s RFI. The Board decided CLIC was not ready for such a step and declined with thanks.
Creation of Request For Proposal (RFP) for an automated system was done during the summer so that it was ready for review by EDUCOM consultants in the fall.  Methods of funding an automated system were considered and pursued.

October 17, 1984.  The Board passed a significant “philosophical” resolution: “Resolved that CLIC libraries agree that the combined book and periodical collection will be one collection for circulation purposes upon the acceptance of the online system. And further resolved that each institution will retain ownership of the materials which it has purchased for all other purposes.”

The Board finalized their funding package and fund raising strategy for the online system.

November 5, 1984.  The Board discussed JoAn Segal, EDUCOM consultant’s report.
The Board passed a “lost book” fee of cost of the book plus ten dollars non-refundable after six months for items lost in CLIC Interlibrary loan exchange. Lost book policy is a recurring theme throughout CLIC history.

Demonstrations of automated library systems began.


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