36 2004

January 28, 2004.  The Board approved the investigation of Blackwell’s Table of Contents product.

Sue Hall and the Milestone Group were hired to perform an organizational assessment of the CLIC structure. The Coordinating Council worked with Hall to develop an assessment plan.

February 18, 2004.  The entire board meeting was devoted to representatives from Innovative Interfaces who presented possibilities for multiple ports, separate servers, InnReach and ERM.

March 24, 2004.  Projects proposed by the Collection Development Task Force were approved: 1. A consolidated list of journal cancellations would be maintained on the CLIC website. The Serials Working Group and Hegdahl (CLIC) were responsible for this activity. 2. A small group would implement Blackwell’s Table of Contents product.

June 23, 2004.  Migration to new hardware was successful. There was positive feedback concerning increase of processing speeds and the helpfulness of Waage’s (CLIC) communications during the migration process.

July 28, 2004.  Olson (CLIC) was elected Board Secretary.

Discussion concerning when to move to III Silver Release took place and a motion to upgrade the system by December passed.

August 25, 2004.  Olson (CLIC) and Sue Hall (Milestone) worked on a survey to obtain data concerning CLIC organizational structure.

October 27, 2004.  The CLIC Organizational Audit Survey was distributed to library staffs. The Milestone Group’s report went to the Coordinating Council in November.

November 24, 2004.  Information from the survey had been reported to the Coordinating Council by Sue Hall and Mary Pat Raimondi (Milestone). A 72 % response rate to the survey was good and there were many good ideas generated. The Board approved a motion that the Executive Board members meet, prepare a list of possible outcomes with a time frame and prepare a document to be reviewed by Directors and Coordinating Council members at a joint meeting in January.

Board agreed to set up a group to discuss dues structure and report back to the Board in May, 2005.


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