39 September 24, 1855

Lemuel writes Henry from Lucius’s home in Allen, to let Henry know they arrived home without mishap.  Anson has gone to his father-in-law’s place, to help while John Baggerly is ill.  Harrison has received a letter from Henry regarding Peppermint Oil, and thinks he can get it for less than the local farmers are asking.  Lemuel mentions that he and Alonzo Franklin in Phelps had talked about the possibility of Henry buying land there.  He says he and Harrison may come down again in the winter.

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The original images are from the archives of the Ashfield Historical Society and are used with permission.


Allen Sept 24th 1855

Dear Brother

I am happy to inform you of our safe arrival home.  We arrived last Friday and found every one well.  Harrison wanted I should write you a few lines this morning concerning the oil peppermint.  He received your letter last Saturday and will start for Florence next Wednesday. He has not run out there yet but saw a young man from there a few days ago, and he says they hold oil at Four Dollars a pound there.  But Harrison thinks he can get it for 3.50 or 3.75 and will let you know the result as soon as he returns.

There has been a great deal of fever & ague here this fall.  Anson has gone to John Baggerly’s to work.  John has the ague pretty bad.  Lewis & his wife were here yesterday and carried home a wagon load of Peaches.  I wish you had about 3 or 4 bushels.  They lay here on the ground rotting.

I spoke to Frank about you buying out there.  He didn’t say much about it, but said that he should think you ought to come out this fall and see for yourself, but said he would write to you about it.  Harrison and I may be down there this winter.

Give my respects to all enquiring friends.

Very Respectfully Yours

L. S. Ranney

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