48 October 14, 1861

Henry’s oldest brother Frank (Alonzo Franklin) writes a short note, possibly in reply to Henry’s inquiry about buying some flour from millers around Phelps. He gives some details of the red wheat flour market, and then closes with a bit of new about the family. Frank has recently heard from Harrison in Michigan. Apparently after Lemuel and Anson’s trip to Pike’s Peak, Anson was ready to settle down on the farm down the road from Lucius but Lemuel decided to look for gold on the west coast again.

My transcription follows the image:


The original images are from the archives of the Ashfield Historical Society and are used with permission.


Oct 14th

We have sowed 20 acres to wheat this fall. Red wheat is now worth $1.06. The mill near here has undergone some improvements & probably they manufacture as good quality of flour as any in this county. They have a contract to furnish 100 bbls [barrels] per week at $5.00 per bbl delivered at the Rail Road Phelps.  The compy [company] to whom they ship are at Fort Plain. This flour is made from Red Wheat.

Harrison writes me that Lucius health is quite good. Also that they had no letter from Lemuel for sometime but a young man by the name of Thomas from Allen who went to Cal in the compy wrote in July that Lem had gone to Washington Territory prospecting.

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