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Facing Hate

DAVOS,28JAN03 - Elie Wiesel, Professor of the Humanities, Boston University, USA speaks during the session '269 A New Agenda: Combining Efficiency and Human Dignity' at the 'Annual Meeting 2003' of the World Economic Forum in Davos/Switzerland, January 28, 2003. copyright by World Economic Forum swiss-image.ch/photo by Sebastian Derungs


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Are people cruel by nature?  Are people good?  Can we nurture goodness and control the cruelty?  Genocide is not, unfortunately, a new behavior, and the WWII Holocaust is not the last time in human history that genocide has taken place.  Ask the victims of Pol Pot in Cambodia, or the people of Rwanda, or the Rohingya in Myanmar.

So why does this happen?  Elie Wisel talks here about the concept of Hate.  We often tell our small children not to say, “I hate  you” to people.  But when do we stop telling them that?  When do we notice that we have allowed the words to come out of the mouth of a teen, or a young adult, and we are no longer shocked by it?



This is a powerful interview of Elie Wiesel by Bill Moyers about the concept of Hate and what hate does in our world. They discuss the issues that continue to gnaw at humanity.  Hate, as Wiesel says, is an ugly word.

Facing Hate





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