Victory from Death

By Rose MacPherson

    The morning still was early,

Ere the sun began to rise.

Mary stands outside the tomb.

She stands there and she cries.

Nights ago, her Savior died,

Paid for all sins and her own.

He is Son of God Most High,

And of His death she groaned.

She turned aside and saw a man,

“For whom do you look?” He asked.

He looked familiar, but then again,

She thought He was the gardener.

He said unto her, “Mary.”

Then it was Jesus, she knew,

She said to Him, “Rabboni,”

Which means ‘master’ in Hebrew.

Mary wept no more that day,

For He had brought them victory:

Victory from death.


SCSC Writing Contest Anthology 2021–22 Copyright © by Original Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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